Nikita (1990)

The Hit of Paris and London Has Come to America. [US Poster]

Original Title : Nikita
Director : Luc Besson
Writer : Luc Besson
Genre : Thriller
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Claude Besson, Luc Besson, Mario Cecchi Gori, Vittorio Cecchi Gori, Patrice Ledoux
Music : Eric Serra
Photography : Thierry Arbogast
Distributor : Gaumont International, Gaumont, Gaumont/Columbia TriStar Home Video (GCTHV), Action Film, Astro Distribution, Gativideo, Jugendfilm-Verleih, Kinowelt Home Entertainment, MGM Home Entertainment, Obshchestvennoye Rossijskoye Televideniye (ORT) Video, Obshchestve
IMDB ID : 0100263
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Nikita (1990) - Luc Besson


Anne Parillaud Nikita
Marc Duret Rico
Patrick Fontana Coyotte
Alain Lathière Zap
Laura Chéron La punk
Jacques Boudet Le pharmacien
Helene Aligier La pharmacienne
Pierre-Alain de Garrigues Flic pharmacie
Patrick Pérez Flic pharmacie (as Patrick Perez)
Bruno Randon Flic pharmacie
Vincent Skimenti Flic pharmacie
Roland Blanche Flic interrogatoire
Joseph Teruel Stagiaire flic
Jacques Disses Avocat
Stéphane Fey Président tribunal (as Stephane Fey)
Philippe Dehesdin 1er magistrat
Michel Brunot 2ème magistrat
Rodolph Freytt 1er infirmier
Pavel Slaby 2ème infirmier
Tchéky Karyo Bob (as Tcheky Karyo)
Jean-Luc Caron Professeur d'informatique
Rénos Mandis Professeur de tir (as Renos Mandis)
Jean-Marc Merchet Professeur de judo
Jeanne Moreau Amande
Philippe Leroy Grossman (as Philippe Leroy Beaulieu)
Patrick Serrière Chauffeur Bob
Iska Khan Homme restaurant
Heike Fisher Femme restaurant
Patrick Buiquangda 1er garde du corps
Eddie Gaydu 2ème garde du corps
Jose Steinmann 3ème garde du corps
Philippe Hernando 4ème garde du corps
Gérard Touratier Gardien porte blindée (as Gerard Touratier)
Jean Bedin Armurier
Edith Perret Dame agence
Jean-Hugues Anglade Marco
Jean-Pierre Pauty Homme bar hôtel
Michel Campa Homme écoute
Murray Gronwall Responsable hôtel (as Murray Grunwall)
Pierrick Charpentier Flic hôtel
Rafael Sultan Flic hôtel
Hubert Gillet Flic hôtel
Fausto Costantino Garde du corps
Roberto Talanno Serveur hôtel Venise
Pétronille Moss Serveuse salon de thé (as Petronille Moss)
Eric Prat Agent immobilier
Mia Frye Femme pressée
Olivier Hémon Homme en retard (as Olivier Hemon)
Philippe Du Janerand Ambassadeur - Jules
Christian Gazio Garde ambassadeur
Jérôme Chalou Chauffeur ambassadeur (as Jerome Chalou)
Jean Reno Victor nettoyeur


Nikita est très jeune, elle a vingt ans, mais elle a emprunté une mauvaise voie. Pendant un hold-up avec sa bande, elle tue un policier et est condamnée à la prison à vie. Les services secrets, par contre, lui offrent une voie de sortie : devenir un agent spécial, prêt à tout, à leur service. Nikita accepte et commence ainsi un apprentissage très dur qui concerne non seulement les différents modes de tuer, de prendre la fuite ou de faire face à des situations imprévues, mais aussi la manière de se comporter en femme qui a de la classe, capable de se conduire avec aisance dans tous les milieux. Sous la conduite de Bob, Nikita arrive à freiner son caractère rebelle et à surmonter la terrible épreuve finale. Elle semble être devenue une personne différente et tombe amoureuse. Mais faut-il faire confiance aux services secrets ? Nikita is a young lady who with two Nihilist friends commit robbery and murder while on drugs. After her trial she is not executed or taken to prison, but to a school for special operatives. She is told that Nikita no longer exists and she will be trained to pay back society for what she has done, as a spy/assassin. She is trained for over two years and with no warning is handed a gun in a restaurant and told to kill the man at the next table as her handler leaves.


When I first set out to try and use film to help me with learning French, it was a completely uncharted territory except for one title I had heard of previously: La Femme Nikita. This film was such a success that it went on to fare well in the U.K. and the States, which is always an achievement for a subtitled film, was later remade in Hollywood as Point of No Return and then finally as a TV series.It starts very suddenly with a girl, we will come to know as Nikita, involved in a drugged-out store robbery that lands her in jail. Probably from the fact that she has nothing to lose, she is chosen to be removed from prison and entered into training as an assassin for the French DGSE (think CIA). As she goes from drug-addicted street trash to secret agent, we watch her remain steadfastly defiant in her original style until her handler reaches through to her and she begins to accept her new life and allows herself to be tamed. The central theme of the movie is Nikita and her reactions to her continually changing fortunes, so this tamed peace rapidly transitions across rejection, freedom, love, manipulation, terror and eventually selfless sacrifice (I've given away nothing!). Throughout her experience, a common thread in many of these phases, and often the catalyst for them, her handler, is the source of her most complex relationship. Their interactions carry tones of unrequited and forbidden love which drive him to cruelty toward her to punish himself and drive her to frigidness and rebellion against him. In many ways, the cloak-and-dagger moves, secret organizations and gun battles are just window dressings for that relationship. Thankfully, there is much more in relationships and "window dressing" to keep us riveted and thinking throughout this movie.
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Nikita (1990) - Luc Besson
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Nikita (1990) - Luc Besson
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Nikita (1990) - Luc Besson