Dobermann (1997)

Original Title : Dobermann
Director : Jan Kounen
Writer : Joël Houssin
Genre : Action
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Frédérique Dumas-Zajdela, Éric Névé
Music : Brune
Jean-Jacques Hertz
Philippe Mallier
François Roy
Photography : Michel Amathieu
Distributor : Alhena Films, Buena Vista Home Video, Medusa Distribuzione, NTV-PROFIT, Polygram Filmed Entertainment, Scandinavian Entertainment Group, Senator Film, Sogepaq Distribución
MPAA Rating : Rated R for pervasive strong violence and language, and for drug use and sexuality.
IMDB ID : 0118996
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Dobermann (1997) - Jan Kounen


Vincent Cassel Yann Le Pentrec aka Dobermann
Tchéky Karyo Inspecteur Sauveur Cristini
Monica Bellucci Nathalie / Nat the gipsy
Antoine Basler Jean-Claude Ayache, dit "Moustique"
Dominique Bettenfeld Elie Frossard, dit "l'abbé"
Pascal Demolon Lefèvre
Marc Duret Inspecteur Baumann
Romain Duris Manu
François Levantal Leo
Ivan Merat-Barboff Silverberg
Stéphane Metzger Olivier Brachet, dit Sonia
Chick Ortega Jacky Sueur aka Pitbull
Patrick Rocca Commissaire Clodarec
Florence Thomassin Florence
Roland Amstutz Jo Hell (Oncle Joe vieux)
Jean Lescot Le père de Sonia / Sonia's father
Arnaud Arbessier Oncle Joe jeune
José Camacho Le père de Dob (as Jo Camacho)
Jean-François Catton Le directeur de la banque
Rodolph Freytt Un convoyeur
Attica Guedj La mère de Sonia
Marcel Leguilloux Le curé (as Marcel Le Guilloux)
Laura Mañá Victoria
Bruno Richard L'adjoint du directeur de la banque
Francia Seguy La cliente âgée de la banque
Virginie Arnaud La pute frappée
Marc Baschet Le clochard
Affif Ben Badra Le mac (as Afif Ben Badra)
Lucie Bizart Dobermann bébé
Frédéric Camus Le barman
Marc Caro Le flic mitrailleur miraculé
Elle Chocho Un travesti chez "Joe Hell"
Anthéa Cintract Une danseuse
Gilles Conseil Le motard Rainer G
Patrick Lambert 
Gaspar Noé Le marchand de merguez casher / Stunned Bypasser
Carméla Valente La mère de Dob
Jan Kounen Man at bank (uncredited)


The charismatic criminal Dobermann, who got his first gun when he was christened, leads a gang of brutal robbers. After a complex and brutal bank robbery, they are being hunted by the Paris police. The hunt is led by the sadistic cop Christini, who only has one goal: to catch Dobermann at any cost.


The movie looks like the project from film-school( in a good way) of a very talented student. You can immediately recognize the influences of Scorsese, Oliver Stone, Tarantino and Asian action cinema, as well as french action films(especially the french humor). The director uses pretty much every trick in the book, including CGI in the Dobermann sequence at the beginning of the movie and over-all seems not to be sure what technique to stick with. The action scenes, which are numerous are very well done but some in-between scenes and dialog are not very articulate, and a bit hard to follow. The movie is a loud(soundtrack includes The Prodigy), action-pumped and colorful account of a heist organized by bad-ass Dobermann(Vincent Cassel) and his girl Nat the gypsy(Monica Bellucci) with their gang, and the events that follow, when psychotic inspector Sauveur Cristini (Tchéky Karyo) picks up the chase. Vincent Cassel is brilliant as the violent criminal lead, in a Michael Madsen/Christopher Walken cross interpretation, as is Tchéky Karyo as the English one-liner dropping psychotic and violent cop, and Monica Bellucci is more violent and beautiful than ever playing a deaf-mute gypsy.Tough, rough, stylish and explicit.
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Dobermann (1997) - Jan Kounen