Yuki Yukite shingun (1987)

Original Title : Yuki Yukite shingun
Director : Kazuo Hara
Genre : Documentary
Country : Japan
Language : Japanese
Producer : Shohei Imamura, Sachiko Kobayashi, Yunoshin Moiyoshi, Yasuko Tokunaga
Photography : Kazuo Hara
Distributor : Euro Space, Geneon Entertainment, Kino International Corp., Pioneer LDC
IMDB ID : 0092963
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poster for "Yuki Yukite shingun" by Kazuo Hara (1987)
Yuki Yukite shingun (1987) - Kazuo Hara


¬Kenzo Okuzaki Himself
¬Riichi Aikawa 
¬Masaichi Hamaguchi 
¬Toshio Hara 
¬Shichiro Kojima 
¬Masao Koshimizu 
¬Taro Maruyama 
¬Toshiya Nomura 
¬Shizumi Okuzaki 
¬Eizaburo Oshima 
¬Rinko Sakimoto 
¬Yukio Seo 
¬Iseko Shimamoto 
¬Minoru Takami 
¬Kichitaro Yamada 


This documentary was five years in the making, and revolves around 62-year-old Okuzaki Kenzo, a survivor of the battlefields of New Guinea in World War II who gained notoriety by slingshooting steel pinballs at Emperor Showa to protest against what he considered to be the ruler's war crimes. Setting out to conduct interviews with survivors and relatives, he finds the truth of the past to be elusive, achieving a breakthrough only when he confronts ex-Sergeant Yamada, who grudgingly admits the occurrence and instructional source of certain atrocities.


This guy is really something. A raving mad and very dangerous man, Kenzo Okuzai spares no effort to atone for his formerly sinful and wasted life. Sometimes accompanied by the relatives of two army officers executed on false charges, Okuzai confronts the six executioners and their commanders in their homes, without notice. He demands they tell the truth, physically attacks them when they are disrespectful, and offers to call the police if the man wants. All the while, Okuzai relentlessly pursues the truth, which is probably that the murdered men went straight onto the menu.This doco is, by turns, sickening, fascinating, compulsive .... and excrutiatingly funny. Not easy to watch, but highly recommended.