Muriel ou le temps d'un retour (1963)

Original Title : Muriel ou Le temps d'un retour
Director : Alain Resnais
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : Dual audio Fr, Sp
IMDB ID : 0057336
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Muriel ou le temps d'un retour (1963) - Alain Resnais


Delphine Seyrig Hélène Aughain
Jean-Pierre Kérien Alphonse Noyard
Nita Klein Françoise
Jean-Baptiste Thiérrée Bernard Aughain (as Jean-Baptiste Thierrée)
Claude Sainval Roland de Smoke
Laurence Badie Claudie
Jean Champion Ernest
Jean Dasté L'homme à la chèvre / The Goat Man
Martine Vatel Marie-Dominique, aka Marie-Do
Julien Verdier Le loueur de chevaux / The Stableman
Philippe Laudenbach Robert
Nelly Borgeaud La femme du couple d'acheteurs
Catherine de Seynes Angèle
Gaston Joly Antoine, le tailleur / Antoine the Tailor
Gérard Lorin Marc


In the seacoast town of Boulogne, Hélène sells antique furniture, living with her step-son, Bernard, who's back from military duty in Algiers. An old lover of Hélène's comes to visit - Alphonse - with his niece Françoise, he too is back from Algiers, where he ran a café. Bernard speaks of his fiancée, Muriel, whom Hélène has not met. The narrative, like memory and intention, is jumpy, the past obscured by guilt, misperceptions, and missed possibilities. Appearances deceive, things change. As Hélène and Alphonse try to sort out a renewal, everyone seems off-kilter just enough to hint that all cannot end well. Can anyone know another?


"Muriel" (French, 1963): Somewhere in your life you've heard some redneck fool call all foreign films a "dumb ass waste of my time". Or, if you heard it from a regular fool, you heard something like "I just didn't get it!" Well, it had to happen - this time they're both right. Directed by Alain Resnais, this film is one hot steaming pile of pretentious crap. Mediocre acting and low production values are only the start. We are also presented with a terrible mess of "artsy" editing, random shots, and bad, poorly integrated music. Maybe it wanted to be the "Beat Poem" of Film Making. Maybe Resnais had no real clear clue WHAT the goal was. But, no matter what the intent, "Muriel" exemplifies what so many people used to say about "those foreign films". Thankfully, foreign films this bad are few and far between. We, as Americans, have a much worse record when it comes to BAD movies.
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Muriel ou le temps d'un retour (1963) - Alain Resnais