Hijack Stories (2000)

Original Title : Hijack Stories
Director : Oliver Schmitz
Writer : Lesego Rampolokeng
Genre : Crime
Country : Germany
Language : English
Producer : Philippe Guez , Pierre Hinch , Michael Markovitz , Nadine Marsh-Edwards , Christoph Meyer-Wiel , Marc Sillam
Music : Martin Todsharow
Photography : Michel Amathieu
Distributor : Océan Films [fr]
IMDB ID : 0215841
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Hijack Stories (2000) - Oliver Schmitz


ÂTony Kgoroge Sox Moraka
ÂRapulana Seiphemo Zama
ÂRapulana Seiphemo Zama


though not an absolute winner, an engaging and original movie nonetheless. this interesting south african film is worth seeing if only to view a more realistic environment as opposed to hi tech and over glossy hollywood hokum! the characters are believable and the script depicts situations which are well meaning and certainly make a change to the usual cinematic drivel currently on offer. the central black character is a well educated and classically trained actor who decides to go 'undercover' so as he may be able to win an audition to play a ruthless mobster for a major south african movie. i particularly enjoyed watching those numerous soweto shantytowns! worth seeing.
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337 x 475
Hijack Stories (2000) - Oliver Schmitz
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288 x 216
Hijack Stories (2000) - Oliver Schmitz