Holy Mountain, The (1973)

Original Title : The Holy Mountain
Director : Alejandro Jodorowsky
Writer : Alejandro Jodorowsky
Genre : Adventure
Country : Mexico
Language : English
Producer : Alejandro Jodorowsky, Allen Klein, Robert Taicher, Roberto Viskin
Music : Don Cherry
Ronald Frangipane
Alejandro Jodorowsky
Photography : Rafael Corkidi
Distributor : Allen & Betty Klein and Company (ABKCO), Amuse Soft (Amyuuzu Sofuto) Hanbai Inc., Amuse Video Inc., Anchor Bay Entertainment, CVR Realvision, Caméra One, Nikkatsu, Pretty Pictures, Raro Video, Raro Video, Raro Video, Ropponica, Rosebud Video, Siren Visual Enterta
IMDB ID : 0071615
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poster for "Holy Mountain, The" by Alejandro Jodorowsky (1973)
Holy Mountain, The (1973) - Alejandro Jodorowsky


Alejandro Jodorowsky The Alchemist (as Alexandro Jodorowsky)
Horácio Salinas The Thief (as Hector Salinas)
Zamira Saunders The Written Woman (as Ramona Saunders)
Juan Ferrara Fon, He whose planet is Venus
Adriana Page Isla, She whose planet is Mars
Burt Kleiner Klen, He whose planet is Jupiter
Valerie Jodorowsky Sel, She whose planet is Saturn
Nicky Nichols Berg, He whose planet is Uranus
Richard Rutowski Axon, He whose planet is Neptune (as Richard Rutowsky)
Luis Lomeli Lut, He whose planet is Pluto
Ana De Sade The Prostitute
Chucho-Chucho The Chimpanzee
Letícia Robles Bald Woman 1 (as Leticia Robles)
Connie De La Mora Bald Woman 2
David Kapralik Tourist
Jacqueline Voltaire Tourist Wife
Pablo Leder Circus Barker
Bobby Cameron Fon's Working Girl
Re Debris Klen's Lover
Guadalupe Perullero Berg's Wife
José Antonio Alcaraz Bar Owner (as Jose Antonio Alcaraz)
Héctor Ortega Drug Master (as Hector Ortega)
Robert Taicher Poet
Basilio González Crippled man
Manuel Dondé Wanderer (uncredited)
Ramiro Chávez Gochicoa Boy (uncredited)
Marcela López Rey Prostitute (uncredited)
Jane Mitchell Stripteaser (uncredited)
Marcela Ponzarelli Woman at the church (uncredited)
David Silva Fon's father (uncredited)


A Christlike figure wanders through bizarre, grotesque scenarios filled with religious and sacrilegious imagery. He meets a mystical guide who introduces him to seven wealthy and powerful individuals, each representing a planet in the solar system. These seven, along with the protagonist, the guide and the guide's assistant, divest themselves of their worldly goods and form a group of nine who will seek out the Holy Mountain, in order to displace the gods who live there and become immortal.


The Holy Mountain is an epic exploration of religious experience and global socio-political trends. A scathing indictment of the abuse of power by both first and third-world nations, while simultaneously a wonderfully clever fantasy that exposes art and religion as hilarious tools of mass-mind-control. It is a truly sweeping masterpiece full of amazing imagery and even more impressive thought. And it also has one of the best endings you are likely to see -ever. Too bad it is almost impossible to find.