Constellation Jodorowsky, La (1994)

Original Title : Constellation Jodorowsky, La
Director : Louis Mouchet
Writer : Louis Mouchet
Genre : Documentary
Country : Switzerland
Producer : Marie-Agn├Ęs Azuelos, Louis Mouchet, Pascal Salamin
Music : Dorothy Cox
Photography : Gilles Clabaut
Fran├žois Husson
Distributor : Anchor Bay Entertainment, Exploited Film, Fantoma
IMDB ID : 0109474
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Constellation Jodorowsky, La (1994) - Louis Mouchet


┬Fernando Arrabal Himself
┬Peter Gabriel Himself
┬Alejandro Jodorowsky Himself
┬Marcel Marceau Himself
┬Jean Giraud Himself (as Jean 'Moebius' Giraud)
┬Jean-Pierre Vignau Himself
┬Louis Mouchet Himself


Alejandro Jodorowsky would be the sort of filmmaker/artist/therapist I might want to have a talk with over a cup of coffee or something about a slew of things he's concerned with- cinema, family, theater, art- but it'd be hard for me to imagine what he would do if I were on a film set with him. He's impulsive, and probably more than a bit crazy, but as one of his old cohorts in abstract art says, he's a disciplined madman with a method to his madness. He sometimes says things that make me think 'what a pretentious guy', like when he says he's hasn't started making films since he's only made six or seven of them. He also replies with a very typical answer for something that's obviously asked as a trick- who are you- with a story of an Emperor in China. But I also think after seeing this that he is a man genuinely happy with his niche in life. He's created all of these films that have been probably even more important for him than for the audience- even the times of failures like the aborted Dune project or Tusk- and he moved on to a kind of weekly group therapy he conducts where he gets people in touch with their 'family tree' and the problems that arise from past generations, one's parents, and in the end one's self. One sees that he went through an "enlightenement" with The Holy Mountain, and controlled his ego through doing the Rainbow Thief and the Moebius comic books, and even through an overlong treatment of the documentary director, Louis Mouchet, and his familial angst, that he's maybe even wiser than he would admit. Not that one doesn't raise an eyebrow when he deals in tarot cards, or never admits that some things are coincidence or luck (but then again he also never says anything about traditional religious institutions either, as part of the anarchy likely deep within him), but he never comes off dis-genuine, and he's even amusing in some of his telling of tales and conducting of group sessions. I may not precisely know who Jodorowsky is, but I have an idea, which is the best that Mouchet can do at any rate.
poster for "Constellation Jodorowsky, La"
448 x 336
Constellation Jodorowsky, La (1994) - Louis Mouchet
poster for "Constellation Jodorowsky, La"
448 x 336
Constellation Jodorowsky, La (1994) - Louis Mouchet
poster for "Constellation Jodorowsky, La"
448 x 336
Constellation Jodorowsky, La (1994) - Louis Mouchet