Flourish (2006)

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Original Title : Flourish
Director : Kevin Palys
Writer : Kevin Palys
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : B.P. Cooper, Jerry Francis, Erica Kaufman, Frank Mannion, Jennifer Morrison, Kevin Palys, Jason Peterson
Music : Andrew Kaiser
Julian Sakata
Photography : Maximilian Gutierrez
Distributor : Cinequest Distribution, Cinequest Distribution
IMDB ID : 0479914
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Flourish (2006) - Kevin Palys


¬Jennifer Morrison Gabrielle Winters
¬Jesse Spencer Eddie Gator
¬Leighton Meester Lucy Covner
¬Daniel Roebuck Charles Covner
¬Olivia Burnette Bridget Burnham
¬Connie Ray Wendy Covner
¬Victoria Kelleher Mary Wilcox
¬Ian Brennan Dr. Carter Kaufman
¬Michael Novick Psych Orderly
¬Aulani Rhea Medical Resident
¬Ernest Rhea FBI Agent


From a psychiatric ward, tutor & proofreader Gaby Winters elaborately recounts an evening spent babysitting a 16 year old girl--an evening that results in the girl's disappearance. While Gaby's story is recorded to video, she tells of her urgent attempts to relocate the missing teen before her parents return home. Gaby's search is set to a tapestry of snaking subplots: the unlikely spy hunting down an envelope, the eloping girl he exploits, her doting mother, the military husband, his pious mistress, an abducted woman, and the ailing fiancé wandering around in a karate gi bent on beating a man he mostly-believes is banging his girl. Gaby's story--infused with anarchy--will climax memorably, or so she intends.


I saw a screening of this film and it is indie film making at its best. It contains just the right elements of humor and suspense. The film was very well cast and the performances were very strong. There is also a great soundtrack provided by the voice of Jen Morrison and the original songs of Julian Sakata. In fact the song at the end flowed so well with the story that no one moved from their seats until the lights came up in the theatre. Very rare sight for an LA movie crowd. The Story moves very well. Its's interesting to watch all of the characters unwind, and there is something tragic and comedic about the whole thing. The Characters are interesting and really drive the story. Direction is solid. The script is well written. Great overall film.
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Flourish (2006) - Kevin Palys