Cherry Crush (2007)

Original Title : Cherry Crush
Director : Nicholas DiBella
Writer : Nicholas DiBella
Paul Root
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Tiersa Dennis, Jamie Foehner, Gary A. Knaak, Gary A. Knaak, Kathy Kristich, Bill Lang, Jennifer Nickson, Marc Wax
Music : Joe Kaltenbach
Photography : Tim Wainwright
Distributor : First Look International, Fabrication Films, Phoenicia Pictures
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language, some sexuality and nudity.
IMDB ID : 0473464
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Cherry Crush (2007) - Nicholas DiBella


┬Nikki Reed Shay Bettencourt
┬Jonathan Tucker Jordan Wells
┬Julie Gonzalo Desiree Thomas
┬Michael O'Keefe Detective Griffin
┬Haviland Morris Julia Wells
┬Dennis Boutsikaris Ben Wells
┬Frank Whaley Wade Chandling
┬Alessa Neeck Abbey
┬Christopher Jon Martin Jake Miles (as Christopher Martin)
┬Patricia Lewis Browne Older Woman
┬Billy Powell Chemistry Teacher
┬Thomas Tripiciano Dean Robert Mullen
┬Nick Lang Wide Receiver
┬Ferdinand Jay Smith DA Thomas (as Ferdinand J. Smith)
┬Sarah Anderson Waitress
┬Sally Cohen News Announcer
┬Doug Emblidge News Announcer
┬Arthur Brown Detective
┬Mason Taylor Moore Detective
┬Howard Jacobson Auctioneer
┬Rylyn Juliano Auction Model
┬Angela Ryck Violin Student
┬Elena Ryck Violin Student
┬Stephen Ryck Violin Student
┬Stephen Hunt Detective
┬Jill Rittinger Music Teacher
┬Dina Corsetti Board Member
┬David Shakes Board Member
┬Kristin Vahl Photo girl
┬Sarah Cassano Photo girl
┬Tetyana Kamenyeva Photo girl
┬James DiBella Quarterback
┬Nicolette Hart Tarra
┬Brooke Mayer Trish


Jordan Wells, a talented, seventeen-year-old photographer struggles between falling in line with his father's plans for his future and following his desire to pursue photography. After he gets throw out of his upscale prep school for taking provocative pictures of some of the girls in his class, he transfers into a public school and becomes involved with Shay, a beautiful girl from the other side of the tracks. As the passion of their relationship heats up, Jordan soon finds himself an accessory to murder --twice.


Not generally the type of movie our family would go see, but went to see it because of local interest and were pleasantly surprised by how the storyline gripped and carried us right to the very end, interestingly even more so during our 2nd viewing! Clever, respectful and tasteful use of violence, minor profanity with artful sexuality that was not insulting to our intelligence. The storyline is very strong right from the beginning which helps to draw one into the film carrying us through the slips and slides of clever turns until two hours are gone and the film is over. And you are ready for the sequel. Then you start thinking of all of your friends who you want to share the film is that kind of movie. We definitely recommend seeing this will be entertained and will leave the theater with a, "Wow, that was good!"
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Cherry Crush (2007) - Nicholas DiBella