Gray Matters (2006)

A romantic comedy about a brother, a sister and the girl of their dreams.

Original Title : Gray Matters
Director : Sue Kramer
Writer : Sue Kramer
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jill Footlick, Dave Gare, John J. Hermansen, Joey Horvitz, Sue Kramer, Ted Liebowitz, Alexander Payne, Rachel Peters, Margaret Riley, Todd Williams
Music : Andrew Hollander
Photography : John S. Bartley
Distributor : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Blue Sky Media, Viva Films, Yari Film Group Releasing
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for some mature thematic material, sexual content and language.
IMDB ID : 0375785
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Gray Matters (2006) - Sue Kramer


┬Heather Graham Gray
┬Thomas Cavanagh Sam
┬Bridget Moynahan Charlie
┬Molly Shannon Carrie
┬Alan Cumming Gordy
┬Sissy Spacek Sydney
┬Rachel Shelley Julia Barlett
┬Alejandro Abellan Juan
┬Don Ackerman Conrad Spring
┬Warren Christie Trevor Brown
┬Casey Dubois Boy in park
┬Samantha Ferris Elaine
┬Gloria Gaynor Herself
┬Emily Anne Graham Young Gray
┬Gillian Hutchison Hot dog girl
┬Dan Joffre Las Vegas Minister
┬Kathryn Kirkpatrick Dyke in bar
┬Bill Mondy Mr. Phillips
┬Timothy Paul Perez Roberto
┬Benjamin Ratner Derek
┬April Telek Lana Valentine


Gray and Sam are brother and sister and best friends, flatmates in New York City, where she creates ad campaigns and he's a surgery intern. Their social life is too insular, so they head to a dog park so Sam can, maybe, meet a woman. He does - Charlie - a zoologist new in the city, he likes her immediately, and the feeling seems mutual. As the three of them spend time together, what if Gray's feelings for Charlie aren't just sisterly? Not only might this explain her solitary life, but it could lead to real dilemmas - with Charlie (who's sweet, but a bit opaque) and with Sam. No advice comes from Gray's therapist, but a co-worker and a cab driver give theirs. Can Gray sort things out?


It was obvious that this movie is designed to appeal to the Chick Flick audience, to which i have sat through quite a few and enjoyed most. However, this was a very irritating attempt by Heather Graham to become the next Meg Ryan ( who became annoying as hell in her own right ). Her acting was overdone and it appeared that she was overanxious compared to her colleagues who were relaxed in their roles. This film might have been more, as there was suitable budget for settings, actors and a decent story line. My wife and I both agreed that this was 'Muck' at the end, as the film ended on a painful embarrassing high! Better luck next time, hope Miss Graham sticks to the type of films that she belongs in like From Hell.
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Gray Matters (2006) - Sue Kramer
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Gray Matters (2006) - Sue Kramer