Perfect Stranger (2007)

How Far Would You Go To Keep A Secret?

Original Title : Perfect Stranger
Director : James Foley
Writer : Todd Komarnicki
Jon Bokenkamp
Genre : Crime
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Ronald M. Bozman, Stephen J. Eads, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Stephanie Langhoff, Charles Newirth, Deborah Schindler, Daniel A. Thomas
Music : Antonio Pinto
Photography : Anastas N. Michos
Distributor : Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), Columbia Pictures, Buena Vista International, Columbia Pictures, Columbia TriStar Films de Argentina, SF Norge A/S, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures Releasing, Sony Pictures R
MPAA Rating : Rated R for sexual content, nudity, some disturbing violent images and language.
IMDB ID : 0457433
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Perfect Stranger (2007) - James Foley


Halle Berry Rowena Price
Bruce Willis Harrison Hill
Giovanni Ribisi Miles Haley
Richard Portnow Narron
Gary Dourdan Cameron
Florencia Lozano Lieutenant Tejada
Nicki Aycox Grace
Kathleen Chalfant Elizabeth Clayton
Gordon MacDonald Senator Sachs
Daniella Van Graas Josie
Paula Miranda Mia Hill
Patti D'Arbanville Esmeralda
Clea Lewis Gina
Tamara Feldman Bethany
Gerry Becker Jon Kirshenbaum
Jared Burke Kenneth Phelps
Jay Wilkison Jesse Drake
Aaron Nauta Gunnar Hope
Jane Bradbury Toni
Bellamy. Jeffrey Capital Policeman
Charles Thomas Coroner
Jason Antoon Bill Patel
Heidi Klum Victoria's Secret Party Host
Daniel A. Thomas District Attorney
Jack Menz Defense Attorney
Liliane Thomas Jury Foreman
Todd Komarnicki CSI Witness
Daniel Cheswick CSI Guy
James Mazzola CSI Analyst
Emma Heming Donna
Kristy Hinze Carol Whittier
Jay Coyle Banker
Stephen J. Eads Photographer's Assistant (as Stephen Eads)
Michael Tolan Judge
Yvonna Kopacz Ro's Mother
Jacqueline Cannon Rowena's Older Mother
Vincent Lamberti Ro's Father
Maya N. Blake 9-Year-Old Ro
Nadine Jacobson 9-Year-Old Grace
Jonathan Ave Reebok Executive
Thomas Michael Sullivan Reebok Executive (as Thomas Sullivan)
Pat Pritchett Lewis Human Resources Woman
Gaetano Lisi Newsstand Vendor
Brandhyze Stanley Coffee Stand Vendor
Maurice Ballard Maurice Ballard
Justin Ritson Man on Elevator
Lauren Potter Client
Robert L. Haber Client
Mitch Giannunzio Client
John Heinlein NYPD Computer Tech
Mike O'Brien Man in Bar
Joe Paparone Hill's Doorman
James 'D-Train' Williams Singer


Rowena Price is a muckraking reporter for a New York paper. When her story about a closeted gay Senator who preaches family values is spiked, she quits and soon finds herself investigating the grisly murder of a childhood friend. Her friend had been dumped by ad exec Harrison Hill, so he's Rowena's prime suspect. Rowena gets a job at the ad agency as a temp, and she's soon the object of Hill's attentions. She's helped in her subterfuge by Miles Haley, a friend at the paper who has a secret thing for her. Everyone, it seems, has secrets, including Hill, who must keep his affairs from his wife - her money fuels his lifestyle. Murder will out? In New York, the investigative reporter Rowena Price sees her scoop about a gay senator spiked by her editor. She quits her job in the newspaper and meets with her childhood friend Grace by chance in the subway. Grace tells Ro that she had just been dumped by the powerful and wealthy owner of the greatest New Yorker advertising agency, Harrison Hill, and she was threatening to tell his wife about their affair. When Grace is found dead, Harrison becomes Rowena's prime suspect. With the support of her hacker friend and former colleague Miles Haley, Ro is hired for a temporary work in Harrison's agency to get close to the executive and investigate his life.


The only reason i can see for this movie to be released is because celebrities are in it. But, Halle Berry over-acts a choppy and shallowly developed character. I spent the whole movie waiting for the plot to really get going, but instead what i got was a whole bunch of disconnected plot points and irrelevant characters. It is supposed to be suspenseful, but mostly i just wanted it to be over. When the end came, yes, it was a surprise, but by that time I did not care about the story at all. And it was only "surprising" because the whole story is random events all loosely, very loosely connected to the end. It was almost...amateur. The story does not give enough background on most characters to evoke sympathy, emotion, or interest...ESPECIALLY Willis' character. It's a movie that is good in theory, but wasn't focused enough to be held in the same esteem as other psychological thrillers. The most developed and well acted character is really Ribisi's. His performance is noteworthy and enough to warrant the 3 out of 10.
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Perfect Stranger (2007) - James Foley
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Perfect Stranger (2007) - James Foley
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Perfect Stranger (2007) - James Foley
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Perfect Stranger (2007) - James Foley
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Perfect Stranger (2007) - James Foley
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Perfect Stranger (2007) - James Foley
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Perfect Stranger (2007) - James Foley
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Perfect Stranger (2007) - James Foley
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Perfect Stranger (2007) - James Foley
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Perfect Stranger (2007) - James Foley
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Perfect Stranger (2007) - James Foley
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Perfect Stranger (2007) - James Foley