Last Mimzy, The (2007)

The future is trying to tell us something.

Original Title : The Last Mimzy
Director : Robert Shaye
Writer : Bruce Joel Rubin
Toby Emmerich
James V. Hart
Carol Skilken
Henry Kuttner
C.L. Moore
Genre : Adventure
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Justis Greene, Michael Phillips, Sara Risher, Robert Shaye, Jonna Smith
Music : Howard Shore
Photography : J. Michael Muro
Distributor : Distribution Company, FS Film Oy, Fox-Warner, Independent Films, Medyavizyon, New Line Cinema, New Line Home Video, SF Norge A/S, Warner Bros., Warner Bros.
MPAA Rating : Rated PG for some thematic elements, mild peril and language.
IMDB ID : 0768212
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Last Mimzy, The (2007) - Robert Shaye


Chris O'Neil Noah Wilder
Rhiannon Leigh Wryn Emma Wilder
Joely Richardson Jo Wilder
Timothy Hutton David Wilder
Rainn Wilson Larry White
Kathryn Hahn Naomi Schwartz
Michael Clarke Duncan Nathanial Broadman
Kirsten Williamson Sheila Broadman
Irene Snow Teacher in Meadow
Marc Musso Harry Jones
Nicole Muñoz Girl with Braces
Scott E. Miller School Guard (as Scott Miller)
Megan McKinnon Wendy
Randi Lynne Julie the Babysitter
Tom Heaton Future Scientist
John Burnside Future Scientist's Co-Worker
Sam Polin Armed Cyborg
Phillip Brooks Armed Cyborg
Daniel Bacon Technician
Carlo Fanella Technician
Paul Jarrett Technician
Jerry Wasserman Utilities Commisioner
Camyar Chai Stu
Fred Keating Police Captain
Dagmar Midcap Newscaster
John Shaw Dr. Arnold Rose
Patrick Gilmore FBI Task Force Agent
Chad Cole FBI Task Force Agent
Kaaren de Zilva CPS Officer
David Joshi FBI Video Technician
Bruce Harwood Scientist
Kathleen Duborg Scientist
Hiro Kanagawa Scientist
Brian Greene Intel Scientist
Curtis Caravaggio Army Officer
Mackenzie Hamilton Teenage Cyborg
Calum Worthy Teenage Cyborg
Elias Calogeros Child in Meadow
Caleb Kemble Child in Meadow
Joanna Coons Child in Meadow
Grace Walker Child in Meadow
Evan Leeson Child in Meadow
Eliana MacFarlane Child in Meadow
Sophia Wik Child in Meadow
Amanda Wik Child in Meadow
Elora Penner Child in Meadow
Sawyer Nicholson Child in Meadow
Tamatea Westby Child in Meadow
Julia Arkos Kindergarten Teacher
Erica Jones Little Girl (voice)


The siblings Noah and Emma travel with their mother Jo from Seattle to the family cottage in Whidbey Island to spend a couple of days while their workaholic father David Wilder is working. They find a box of toys from the future in the water and bring it home, and Emma finds a stuffed rabbit called Mimzy, and stones and a weird object, but they hide their findings from their parents. Mimzy talks telepathically to Emma and the siblings develop special abilities, increasing their intelligences to the level of genius. Their father becomes very proud when Noah presents a magnificent design in the fair of science and technology, and his teacher Larry White and his mystic wife Naomi Schwartz become interested in the boy when he draws a mandala. When Noah accidentally assembles the objects and activates a powerful generator creating a blackout in the state, the FBI arrests the family trying to disclose the mystery. But Emma unravels the importance to send Mimzy back to the future.


I took my two nephews (13 & 15) to an advance screening just now and we all liked the movie. Although, to enjoy it requires a very high level of "suspension of disbelief". A lot of things do not make sense, circumstances that would never happen and some things that just go nowhere in the movie all led to us making fun of the movie afterward. BUT, we all still enjoyed the movie and thought it was good. It is pretty much a high grade B movie. I went after reading the comments on here and was a little cautious because all of the first comments were horrible and then the latest ones were all perfect so I figured "people" were fluffing the votes to get people to go see it because of it's release next weekend and that is why I am posting this. You might want to wait for DVD or go to a twilight viewing(we paid $4 each), but I would not have been mad if I had paid full price. Sorry for the uneven review (kind of like the movie itself), it is my first.
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Last Mimzy, The (2007) - Robert Shaye
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Last Mimzy, The (2007) - Robert Shaye