Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

Hollywood had it coming

Original Title : Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Director : Kevin Smith
Writer : Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
Genre : Adventure
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jonathan Gordon , Laura Greenlee , Laura Greenlee , Scott Mosier , Bob Weinstein , Harvey Weinstein
Music : P.J. Harvey
Courtney Taylor-Taylor
James L. Venable
Joe Walsh
Photography : Jamie Anderson
Billy Clevenger
Distributor : Alliance Atlantis Communications [ca]
MPAA Rating : Rated R for nonstop crude and sexual humor, pervasive strong language, and drug content.
IMDB ID : 0261392
Official site :
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Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) - Kevin Smith


ÂJason Mewes Jay
ÂKevin Smith Silent Bob
ÂBen Affleck Holden McNeil/Himself


Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a tale of adventure on the open road. When Dante and Randal (of Clerks fame) get a restraining order to keep the punchy Jay and his hetero life-mate, Silent Bob, from selling drugs in front of the Quick Stop convenience store, their lives are suddenly empty. They find new purpose when their friend, Brodie, informs them a movie is being made featuring two infamous characters based on their likenesses. After visiting one of the creators of the Bluntman and Chronic, Holden McNeil, they set out to get what fat movie cash they deserve and hopefully put an end to people slandering them on the Internet. Along the way, they learn the rules of the road from a hitchhiking George Carlin, ride with a group of gorgeous jewel thieves, and incur the wrath of a hapless wildlife marshal for liberating an orangutan named Suzanne. The quest takes them from New Jersey to Hollywood where a showdown involving the police, the jewel thieves, and the Bluntman and Chronic filmmakers will decide the fate of Suzanne, Jay, Silent Bob, and their good names.


Grand satire and slapstick comedy OK, Jay and Silent Bob, I love yous guys. I lives near ya in Joyzee, but I never gets to see ya -- except once across the street from yer store. But I saw yer movie. Loved it. Now, to be more sophisticated -- about this movie??? We learn at last the evolution of Jay and Silent Bob from their earliest days in the strollers to their great success as American myths. This is lovely satire -- of Hollywood, of themselves, of life. Yes, it reveals the meaning of life. Or was that DOGMA? Well, the canon of J &, SB is always about what it means to exist -- in our time -- on our planet -- in our cosmos. Heavy, dude! After all, this is the classic journey epic -- rags to riches, Jersey to Mirimax. Kevin Smith loves George Lucas. Can you tell? He even has Princess Leah and Luke Skywalker along for the ride this time -- plus an allusion to Han Solo in THE FUGITIVE. (Yeah, I know, Han Solo wasn't in THE FUGITIVE, but you know what I mean.) Not to kiss up or anything to J &, SB, but I see in them the classical strains of the Marx Brothers, the 3 Stooges, Abbott &, Costello. And they even remember the audience in asides that are reminiscent of Shakespeare -- or a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Like, man, these guys remember that we're out there in the dark theater -- all those wonderful people out there in the dark. I'm ready for my close-up now, J &, SB. I had a cow watching this film. Go see it. You'll like it -- unless, HORRORS, you don't like J &, SB.
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Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) - Kevin Smith
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Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) - Kevin Smith
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Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) - Kevin Smith