Mallrats (1995)

They're not there to shop. - They're not there to work. - They're just there.

Original Title : Mallrats
Director : Kevin Smith
Writer : Kevin Smith
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Caldecot Chubb , Sean Daniel , Laura Greenlee , James Jacks , Scott Mosier , Kevin Smith
Photography : David Klein
Distributor : CIC Vídeo [br]
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong language, including sexual dialogue, and for some scenes of sexuality and drug content.
IMDB ID : 0113749
Official site :
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Mallrats (1995) - Kevin Smith


Jeremy London T.S. Quint
Jason Lee Brodie Bruce
Jason Lee Brodie Bruce


T.S. and Brodie are two suburban high-school friends, both of whom are dumped by their respective girlfriends on the same day. They then go to the local mall to commiserate and hang out, as they often do. Meeting up with punk troublemakers Jay and Silent Bob (played by director Kevin Smith), they collectively hatch a plan to wreak mall havoc and win their loves back. Smith's film is filled with sophomoric and scatological humor, hip 'alternative' music, and pop cultural icons ranging from video games and film (Star Wars and Batman) to comics (including Stan 'The Man' Lee, as himself).


Jay is kille Jay is hysterical in this one - I was never that wild about "Clerks" but this was surprisingly good - the whole cast did a very decent job with their characterizations, even Affleck, one of the most smug actors I've ever seen.
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Mallrats (1995) - Kevin Smith
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Mallrats (1995) - Kevin Smith