Hets (Torment) (1944)

Original Title : Hets
Director : Alf Sjöberg
Writer : Ingmar Bergman
Genre : Drama
Country : Sweden
Language : Swedish
Producer : Harald Molander , Victor Sjöström
Music : Hilding Rosenberg
Photography : Martin Bodin
Distributor : Lopert Pictures Corporation [us]
IMDB ID : 0036914
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Hets (Torment) (1944) - Alf Sjöberg


Stig Järrel Caligula
Alf Kjellin Jan-Erik Widgren
Alf Kjellin Jan-Erik Widgren


Jan-Erik Widgren is a high-school senior. His Latin teacher, Caligula, is feared by everybody, both teachers and students. Widgren falls in love with Berta, who works in a tobacco store. She tells him that she is harassed by a mean, sadistic man, but does not tell him that it is Caligula himself.


Masterpiece.5/5 Great script(Ingmar Bergman)superb direction(Alf Sjöberg)and if impossible a better cinematography(Martin Bodin). Stig Järrel is doing one of the best swedish roles I have ever seen.And the other cast is great to(specially Alf Kjellin). Ingmar Bergman said to a Swedish newspaper before the film came out that his high-school was a hell like this. RATING: 5/5-a master work
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256 x 475
Hets (Torment) (1944) - Alf Sjöberg
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112 x 200
Hets (Torment) (1944) - Alf Sjöberg
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340 x 195
Hets (Torment) (1944) - Alf Sjöberg