Stanley Kubrick, A Life In Pictures (2001)

Original Title : Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures
Director : Jan Harlan
Genre : Documentary
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Anthony Frewin , Jan Harlan
Photography : Manuel Harlan
Distributor : Warner Bros. GmbH [de]
IMDB ID : 0278736
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poster for "Stanley Kubrick, A Life In Pictures" by Jan Harlan (2001)
Stanley Kubrick, A Life In Pictures (2001) - Jan Harlan


ÂTom Cruise Himself/Narrator (voice
ÂMartin Short Himself rest of cast listed alphabetically Ken Adam .... Himself
ÂMartin Short Himself rest of cast listed alphabetically Ken Adam .... Himself


A game of chess? Stanley Kubrick, possibly the most creative of the craftsman directors of the past half century, gets his own documentary two years after his death, and while some of it is adulation, a good lot of it delves into his process of making films, how he was as a person, with both humor and difficultness, and how his films have left an impact on the world.It's an involving, very fascinating vide of a director's life and career, with analyzation on his work from some of the most known and respected of the industry- Scorsese, Allen, Cruise, Nicholson, Spielberg, Kidman, Parker.And also interviews with friends and his family. Bottom line, every film buff should see this, and even Kubrick haters and despisers might want to take a glance to get a better idea of the man and his obsessions.Best part- Kubrick, in fearing for his children's lives at school and his own from death threats, demands Warner Brothers to remove Clockwork Orange from British cinemas until his death.POWERFUL!Grade: A