Madadayo (1993)

The final film by Japan's master filmmaker.

Original Title : Madadayo
Director : Akira Kurosawa
Ishir么 Hondo
Writer : Ishir么 Honda
Akira Kurosawa
Genre : Drama
Country : Japan
Language : Japanese
Producer : Gohei Kogure , Yasuyoshi Tokuma
Music : Shinichir么 Ikebe
Photography : Takao Sait么
Masaharu Ueda
Distributor : Toho Company Ltd. [jp]
IMDB ID : 0107474
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Madadayo (1993) - Akira Kurosawa | Ishir么 Hondo


耇atsuo Matsumura Professor Hyakken Uchida
翶y么ko Kagawa Professor's Wife
翶y么ko Kagawa Professor's Wife


This film tells the story of professor Uehida Hyakken-sama (1889-1971), in Gotemba, around the forties. He was a university professor until an air raid, when he left to become a writer and has to live in a hut. His mood has hardly changed, not by the change nor by time. Every year his students celebrate his birthday, issuing the question "Mahda kai?" (not yet?), just to hear Uehida-san's answer "Madada yo!" (No, not yet!), in a ritual of self affirmation, and desires of lasting forever. It's a very "japanese" film who portrays everyday life and customs in Japan.


failed attempt The movie begins with the announced retirement of a beloved professor. Later we realized that he was so loved that his pupils follow him for the remainder of their lives, he is "pure gold." How quaint. The stronger the pupil/professor attatchment is the more out of place and unfounded it seems because we never witness their growing together. Instead it is simply assumed and the audience is supposed to grow with characters through the professor's witty stories. Granted, these stories are sometimes clever, but far from the hilarity you'd expect from the pupil's laughter. It's always sad when the characters in the movie are the only ones laughing at the jokes. Much like the unfounded relationship between the pupils and professor, is that of the cat and professor. This near half hour of depression over a barely known cat is almost unbearable. I guess the movie attempts to move the audience emotionally and link them with the characters, I failed with me. Personally, I was wishing the professor would just die already and end the boredom.
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Madadayo (1993) - Akira Kurosawa | Ishir么 Hondo