Tsubaki Sanj没r么 (Sanjuro) (1962)

Original Title : Tsubaki Sanj没r么
Director : Akira Kurosawa
Writer : Ryuzo Kikushima
Akira Kurosawa
Hideo Oguni
Shugoro Yamamoto
Genre : Action
Country : Japan
Language : Japanese
Producer : Ryuzo Kikushima , Tomoyuki Tanaka
Music : Masaru Sat么
Photography : Fukuzo Koizumi
Takao Sait么
Distributor : Cowboy Pictures [us]
IMDB ID : 0056443
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Tsubaki Sanj没r么 (Sanjuro) (1962) - Akira Kurosawa


耇oshir么 Mifune Sanjuro Tsubaki
耇atsuya Nakadai Hanbei Muroto
耇atsuya Nakadai Hanbei Muroto


A group of idealistic young men, determined to clean up the corruption in their town, are aided by a scruffy, cynical samurai who does not at all fit their concept of a noble warrior.


Mifune as Jeste SPOILERS There is a poetic story at play within the obvious structure of the story Kurosawa and his conspirators tell. I say conspirators because what WE have in the story of SANJURO is a story about POLITICS. The reluctant POLITICIAN(SANJURO) must lead the idiot masses (nine Samurai) out of not only immenent death but possibly into wisdom. There is a scene at the very end when the Greatful nine attempt, almost like little puppies, to follow the big dog, SANJURO and he sais to the effect 'go away or i'll kill you' This however was a very bad translation because what he actually sais is, and with more than a hint of self pity is, 'Go away or I am liable to kill you too' This comment changes the entire movie. For what we have is not only reluctance to lead but in his heart he has killed men for the greater good. And even in doing so he has still KILLED and is quite regretful. On the other hand of the story we have the other POLITICIANS who thurst for power and who kidnap the Chamberlain. The Superintendant, who is looked at as being good, is truly the evil one, but his evility is not as easily detected because of his more attractive looks than the chamberlain. Is this not relevant even in out own time here in this new world? Looks mean everything and if you have them you can achieve everything most of all real power. The only fault I found with this film was in the editing. Being a film maker myself, I thought the scene where TAKEBAYASHI realizes they were duped about the KOMYO temple having two stories really should have preceded the scene where MUROTO confronts SANJURO with an unsheathed sword. I felt at this point MUROTO'S actions did not warrant his suspicions which at this point we didn't know he had any. Which ideally would have been preceded by the one of the nine watching the stream waiting for the signal then the revelation then the confrontation then perhaps Takebayashi and the other men telling Muroto to hurry and go and collect the superintendant who insisted on going himself. Think about this too...A Saturday afternoon it's raining and you turn on the television and SANJURO is on. What do you do? Better yet it is just about to begin. What do you do? Me, I laugh, with a laugh reminiscent of SANJURO'S at the very begining, and kick back and confess yes there is a patron god of the cinema, like the god of war and the god of the sea and the goddess of love and...well his name is KUROSAWA and he once lived! and he lives on and on and on...
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364 x 507
Tsubaki Sanj没r么 (Sanjuro) (1962) - Akira Kurosawa
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348 x 503
Tsubaki Sanj没r么 (Sanjuro) (1962) - Akira Kurosawa
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252 x 475
Tsubaki Sanj没r么 (Sanjuro) (1962) - Akira Kurosawa
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336 x 475
Tsubaki Sanj没r么 (Sanjuro) (1962) - Akira Kurosawa