Ugetsu Monogatari (Tales of a Pale Moon After the Rain) (1953)

Original Title : Ugetsu monogatari
Director : Kenji Mizoguchi
Writer : Matsutar么 Kawaguchi
Akinari Ueda
Yoshikata Yoda
Genre : Drama
Country : Japan
Language : Japanese
Producer : Masaichi Nagata
Music : Fumio Hayasaka
Tamekichi Mochizuki
Ichir么 Sait么
Photography : Kazuo Miyagawa
Distributor : Edward Harrison [us]
IMDB ID : 0046478
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poster for "Ugetsu Monogatari (Tales of a Pale Moon After the Rain)" by Kenji Mizoguchi (1953)
Ugetsu Monogatari (Tales of a Pale Moon After the Rain) (1953) - Kenji Mizoguchi


翸asayuki Mori Genjur么
翸achiko Ky么 Lady Wakasa
翸achiko Ky么 Lady Wakasa


In the civil wars of 16th century Japan, two ambitious peasants want to make their fortunes. The potter Genjuro intends to sell his wares for vast profits in the local city, while his brother-in-law Tobei wishes to become a samurai. Their village is sacked by the marauding armies, but Genjuro's kiln miraculously survives, and they and their wives head for the city. However, Genjuro soon sends his wife Miyagi back home, promising to return to her soon, and Tobei, in his keenness to follow the samurai, abandons his wife Ohama. Meanwhile, a wealthy noblewoman, the Lady Wakasa, shows an interest in Genjuro's pots, and invites him to her mansion.


powerful A beautiful film about the power and pull of greed and it's inevitable working toward regret and loss in man physically and mentally.One of Japans most famous and influential films of the 50s.