I Married A Strange Person (1997)

The honeymoon is definitely over!

Original Title : I Married a Strange Person!
Director : Bill Plympton
Writer : Bill Plympton
P.C. Vey
Genre : Animation
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : John Holderried , Bill Plympton
Music : Maureen McElheron
Photography : John Donnelly
Distributor : E.D. Distribution [fr]
MPAA Rating : Rated R for graphic violent and sexual images, and for some strong language.
IMDB ID : 0119346
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I Married A Strange Person (1997) - Bill Plympton


ÂCharis Michaelson Keri Boyer (voice
ÂTom Larson Grant Boyer (voice
ÂRichard Spore Larson P. Giles (voice


A newlywed develops a strange lump on his neck that gives him the ability to transform people or objects at will. His wife is very upset. Meanwhile, the CEO of Smilecorp learns of this man and his ability and sees a way to achieve world domination if only the man can be taken alive.


Nearly Split a... laughed myself silly I feel sorry for the people that said they were bored during this movie and that was the only thing they had to say about it. This movie was a wonderful fantasy in which Plympton used the animated media to its highest potential. This movie does have something to offend just about everyone, from extreme profanity, extreme violence, to bizarre (but funny) sex scenes to quoting Hermann Goring?? The bird sex scene in the opening probably did a good job offending most of the population and let you know there was a really raunchy good time ahead, the facial expressions were great! Another great part to look for is when one character watches the "How To Make Love To A Woman" video. There was one segment I rewound the tape three times and STILL couldn't hear what was said because I was laughing SO HARD! WONderful movie and such an improvement over "The Tune".
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I Married A Strange Person (1997) - Bill Plympton