Ecole des facteurs, L' (School for Postmen) (1947)

Original Title : École des facteurs, L'
Director : Jacques Tati
Writer : Jacques Tati
Genre : Short
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Fred Orain
Music : Jean Yatove
Photography : Louis Félix
Distributor : The Criterion Collection [us]
IMDB ID : 0040019
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poster for "Ecole des facteurs, L' (School for Postmen)" by Jacques Tati (1947)
Ecole des facteurs, L' (School for Postmen) (1947) - Jacques Tati


Jacques Tati Postman
Jacques Tati Postman


Funny short film Jacques Tati is very funny in this short film. Most of the scenes are used again in «Jour de fête» (1948), a full feature film. François (played by Tati) is the local postman somewhere in rural France. He wants to be as fast as the American postmen! Very funny movie that reminded me of some classic Chaplin performances from the 20's. Out of 100, I gave it 80. That's *** on a four stars rating system.