Parade (1974)

Original Title : Parade
Director : Jacques Tati
Writer : Jacques Tati
Genre : Documentary
Country : France
Language : French
Photography : Jean Badal
Gunnar Fischer
Distributor : The Criterion Collection [us]
IMDB ID : 0071968
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Parade (1974) - Jacques Tati


Bertil Berglund Circus performer
Bertilo Circus performer
Bertilo Circus performer


Not his best bust still pretty OK This is a collection of circus acts with a fair bit of Tati's miming thrown in for good measure. It's not a BAD film. Some memorable sequences include Tati miming a tennis game (in slow motion!) and a collection of traffic cops around the world. I don't think the M. Hulot character really let Tati really stretch out and MIME. He is a fantastic performer and certainly as good as Marcel Marceau. The other performers and comedians, while not as famous as Tati, are still pretty good and cannot be said to let the film down at all. The main problem is that the premise is so basic. You can't really GO very far with this and Tati doesn't. It's basically just like watching a circus on TV. There's nothing to really glue the whole picture together. I agree with the reviewer that found the audiences 70's clothing interesting in itself.
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Parade (1974) - Jacques Tati