Soigne Ton Gauche (1936)

Original Title : Soigne ton gauche
Director : René Clément
Writer : Jacques Tati
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Fred Orain
Music : Jean Yatove
Distributor : The Criterion Collection [us]
IMDB ID : 0028275
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poster for "Soigne Ton Gauche" by René Clément (1936)
Soigne Ton Gauche (1936) - René Clément


Jacques Tati Postman (as Max Martell
Jacques Tati Postman (as Max Martell


Decent short, but more of a curio for Tati fans Wow, Tati was a young man. Here he plays someone's young son, 17 years before M. Hulot's Holiday. The action centers around a boxing match between a champ and Tati, who knows nothing about boxing and has to consult a manual during the fight. It sounds funnier than it really is. Chaplin's boxing match in City Lights is much, much better. The editing of this film can be confusing. Still, it is funny. It's worth a 7/10. See it on Criterion's M. Hulot's Holiday DVD, recently released.