Chasing Amy (1997)

It's not who you love. It's how.

Original Title : Chasing Amy
Director : Kevin Smith
Writer : Kevin Smith
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Robert Hawk , Scott Mosier , John Pierson , Derrick Tseng , Kevin Smith
Music : Vinnie Dombrowski
David Pirner
Joey Lauren Adams
Petra Haden
Liz Phair
Photography : David Klein
Distributor : Alliance Atlantis Communications [ca]
IMDB ID : 0118842
Official site :
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Chasing Amy (1997) - Kevin Smith


Ben Affleck Holden McNeil
Joey Lauren Adams Alyssa Jones
Joey Lauren Adams Alyssa Jones


Holden and Banky represent two average guys in this movie, who just need someone to bring out their hidden secrets. Enter Alyssa Jones and Hooper LaMont, two homosexuals who are slightly more experienced than the former two. Together, Hooper and Alyssa show Holden and Banky that being gay isn't as bad as they might think. Meanwhile, Holden develops an 'untainted' love for Alyssa, one which she finally sees in him as well, taking Holden on a journey through the complexities of love in the 90s.


Very impressive When I watched this movie for the first time, I thought it was pretty funny, but I was younger so I didn't indulge its craftiness as much as I did on the second viewing just recently.Kevin Smith is a very talented writer/director who has a knack for offbeat plots and refreshingly original dialogue.He displays his talent greatly in this offbeat comedy.One impressive element of "Chasing Amy" is it contains very little of the standard, soapy, Hollywood-ish romance.It's very unpredictable, and doesn't contain the ending many would probably suspect.Of course, we know that Joey Lauren is going to end up in bed with Ben, but there wouldn't be any intrigue or conflict if that didn't happen.It's what happens afterwards that counts.The only cliche I spotted was the scene where Ben reveals his love for Joey.It takes place on a rainy night.And Joey gets outraged and runs out of the car--IN THE RAIN!!Hello?Pneumonia?You ever thought of that?I think if it was real life, she would've waited for Ben to drive her back--THEN shout out her feelings and leave.Other than that, the film approaches the romance genre and lesbianism with sheer originality and (sometimes brutal) honesty.In the scene where Jason Lee catches Ben in bed with Joey, all we see is his mouth opened wide and his coffee cup dropping to the floor.None of that melodramatic, confrontational crap we usually see when a character is surprised to catch their friend in bed with someone they don't expect.Though I often appraise Smith's witty dialogue, his love for dialogue is also a minor flaw.In some scenes, the characters use so many adjectives and metaphors that it just sounds more written than acted out.It just doesn't have that flow.And it's a little unconvincing to have a character use the term f**king c**ksucker over and over again in one scene, and delivering an intelligent monologue full of college-level SAT words in the next. Despite its minor flaws, "Chasing Amy" is a film like no other.One that honestly stands alone.We've seen other films about lesbianism, but this is one to use the subject in a mature (though profane) and non-preachy manner. It doesn't take advantage of any of the stereotypes.And I like the surprise at the end where the character, who you least expect, delivers a thoughtful monologue that is the defining moment of the movie.
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Chasing Amy (1997) - Kevin Smith
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Chasing Amy (1997) - Kevin Smith