Forbrydelsens element (Element of Crime) (1984)

Original Title : Forbrydelsens element
Director : Lars von Trier
Writer : Tom Elling
Tomas Gíslason
William Quarshie
Lars von Trier
Niels Vørsel
Stephen Wakelam
Genre : Thriller
Country : Denmark
Language : English
Producer : Per Holst
Music : Henrik Blichmann
Mogens Dam
Bo Holten
Photography : Tom Elling
Distributor : Kærne Film [dk]
IMDB ID : 0087280
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Forbrydelsens element (Element of Crime) (1984) - Lars von Trier


ÂMichael Elphick Fisher
ÂEsmond Knight Osborne
ÂMe Me Lai Kim (as MeMe Lai


Fischer, an ex-cop, returns to his old beat somewhere in northern Europe after a thirteen-year hiatus in Cairo. His former mentor and role model, author of a treatise called "The Element of Crime", asks him to solve a series of murders involving lottery ticket sellers. Guided by the theories put forth in the book, Fischer retraces the steps of a suspect, Harry Grey, as recorded in a three-year-old police surveillance report. A dark film set in a post-somethingorother Europe with unique visual atmosphere and kind of cult-movie status (in Europe at least).


Marionettes Serves as a great introduction to Trier´s dark universe. Tom Ellings dark and emotional visuals underlines the complexity of the story and gives a good insight in Fischer´s mind. The actors are merely marionettes moved along as the story unfolds itself.
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79 x 140
Forbrydelsens element (Element of Crime) (1984) - Lars von Trier
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344 x 475
Forbrydelsens element (Element of Crime) (1984) - Lars von Trier