Trouble Every Day (2001)

The ability to love. The inability to love... The hunger to love.

Original Title : Trouble Every Day
Director : Claire Denis
Writer : Claire Denis
Jean-Pol Fargeau
Genre : Horror
Country : France
Language : English
Producer : Georges Benayoun , Fran√ßoise Guglielmi , Philippe Li√©geois , Kazuko Mio , Jean-Michel Rey , Seiichi Tsukada
Music : Tindersticks
Photography : Agn√®s Godard
Distributor : CLT-UFA International [lu]
IMDB ID : 0204700
Official site :
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Trouble Every Day (2001) - Claire Denis


¬Vincent Gallo Shane
¬Tricia Vessey June
¬B√©atrice Dalle Cor√©
¬Alex Descas L√©o
¬Florence Loiret Christelle (as Florence Loiret-Caille
¬Nicolas Duvauchelle Erwan
¬Rapha√ęl Neal Ludo
¬Jos√© Garcia I


Shane (Vincent Gallo) and his new wife June(Tricia Vessey) are in Paris for their honeymoon. At the same time a Paris woman (Beatrice Dalle) is marred by an uncontrollable urge to kill and eat flesh, but only while having sex with someone. Vincent Gallo's character seems to have the same obsession as can be seen by the way he tries to control himself. There is some strange relationship with the woman's husband, a doctor played by Alex Descas, and Shane (Vincent Gallo). The plot is about Shane's fight with his perverse desire and his search for a cure.


Sexual Angst I had the unique opportunity to watch Trouble Every Day during it's 1 week screening in Hollywood. The main reason I chose to see this film was Vincent Gallo. He's an amazing actor, director, composer, artist, the list goes on. Once again, he was wonderful as Shane, a sexually frustrated newly wed with a bloodthirst. I've read many user comments stating that the film was dull and extremely grotesque. I personally disagree. The characters were interesting enough to keep you wanting to know more. There wasn't a resolution to the film ,but why do audience members always feel like they need everything handed to them in a neat package? Personally, I enjoyed the fact that days after I watched the film I was still analyzing it. As for whether it was extremely grotesque, let's just say that if it were rated by the MPAA, I don't think it would receive an R rating. For those of you not easily disturbed by films about the macabre it's worth watching. I feel that these scenes fit into the storyline and completed the film. It was beautifully filmed and the soundtrack set the mood wonderfully. I hope you people reading these comments choose to watch the film and decide for yourselves whether it was good or not.
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Trouble Every Day (2001) - Claire Denis