Unbelievable Truth, The (1989)

Original Title : Unbelievable Truth, The
Director : Hal Hartley
Writer : Hal Hartley
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jerome Brownstein , Hal Hartley , Bruce Weiss
Music : Jim Coleman
Kendall Brothers
Philip Reed
Wild Blue Yonder
Photography : Michael Spiller
Distributor : Alpha Media LLC [us]
IMDB ID : 0100842
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poster for "Unbelievable Truth, The" by Hal Hartley (1989)
Unbelievable Truth, The (1989) - Hal Hartley


ÂAdrienne Shelly Audry Hugo
ÂRobert John Burke Josh Hutton (as Robert Burke
ÂRobert John Burke Josh Hutton (as Robert Burke


After serving time for murder, Josh Hutton returns to his home town where me meets Audry Hugo. No one can remember exactly what Josh did, but they are all wary of him, especially Audry's father. Josh has been released from prison, serving time for murder. He returns to his home town. His crimes are exaggerated and no one is entirely sure how many people he has killed! Audry's father gives him a job as a mechanic ("Is he good?" - "Sooooo good!") and Audry falls for him. The Umbelievable Truth is a comedy which makes use of its wonderful (sorry!) dialogue.


Are you a priest or something? This is a great movie!When I went to see it in 1990, I had no idea what it was about.I had a pass for a free screening.What luck that was--I have not been the same since.I love deadpan comedies, and this one is the best I've seen--it paved the way for Welcome to the Dollhouse and Bottle Rocket in 1996, and director Hal Hartley has become a well-known figure in the art house scene (too bad he has never been able to duplicate the success of his first movie).Robert John Burke plays the ex con mechanic, mistaken as a man of the cloth by several characters. Adrienne Shelley (where is she now?) plays the depressed teenager who falls in love with him, despite his mysterious past (did he really kill her best friend's sister?) Shelley appeared in Hartley's second film, Trust, and then made a low budget teen comedy (can't think of the title).Burke went on to replace Peter Weller as RoboCop and star in "Thinner." What a waste of two great talents!This movie has it all--romance, comedy, a quirky soundtrack, George Washington obsession, fun with crescent wrenches, and just a bit of drama."Listen......bombs."See it!