All About Eve (1950)

It's all about women---and their men!

Original Title : All About Eve
Director : Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Writer : Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Mary Orr (I)
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Darryl F. Zanuck
Music : Alfred Newman
Photography : Milton R. Krasner
Distributor : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. [us]
IMDB ID : 0042192
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All About Eve (1950) - Joseph L. Mankiewicz


Bette Davis Margo Channing
Anne Baxter Eve Harrington aka Gertrude Slojinski, Margo's Protege
George Sanders Addison DeWitt, Narrator/Theatre Critic &
Celeste Holm Mrs. Karen Richards/Narrator
Gary Merrill Bill Sampson, Director/Margo's boyfriend
Hugh Marlowe Lloyd Richard, Playwright
Gregory Ratoff Max Fabian, Theatrical Producer
Barbara Bates I


Stage star Margo Channing is friend to playwright Lloyd Richards and his wife Karen, in love with director Bill Samson, and the idol of Eve Harrington who becomes her secretary-aide. Eve begins to dominate: she sends Bill Margo's birthday wishes and arranges a party for him, at which point Margo explodes. Eve becomes Margo's understudy and, when Margo misses a performance, critic Addison DeWitt gives her rave reviews while making acerbic remarks about aging actresses like Margo. At Margo and Bill's engagement party Eve tries to force Karen to get her the lead in Lloyd's new play. Margo tells Lloyd she is going to retire. Eve gets the part but Addison reveals to her he knows the lies and schemes she used to get where she is.


Masterpiece What can be said about this movie?It's simply great--the best script ever, excellent performaces (I can't believe Davis didn't get an Oscar for this, Holm does wonders with a goody two-shoes role), perfect direction, excellent score...just simply a perfect film!If only all films were this good!If you haven't seen it, you're missing a great film!
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All About Eve (1950) - Joseph L. Mankiewicz
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All About Eve (1950) - Joseph L. Mankiewicz
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All About Eve (1950) - Joseph L. Mankiewicz