Boulet, Le (2002)

Original Title : Boulet, Le
Director : Alain Berberian
Frédéric Forestier
Writer : Matt Alexander (II)
Manuel Delliez
Thomas Langmann
Dominique Mezerette
Genre : Adventure
Country : France
Language : English
Producer : Thomas Langmann , Jean-Louis Monthieux , Jacques-Eric Strauss , Fabienne Tsaï
Music : Robert Basarte
François Forestier
Krishna Levy
DJ Spank
Joey Starr
Jean-Louis Viale
Photography : Vincent Mathias
Christophe Paturange
Jean-Pierre Sauvaire
Manuel Teran
IMDB ID : 0283957
Official site :
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poster for "Boulet, Le" by Alain Berberian  | Frédéric Forestier (2002)
Boulet, Le (2002) - Alain Berberian | Frédéric Forestier


Gérard Lanvin Moltès
Benoît Poelvoorde Francis Reggio
José Garcia I
Djimon Hounsou Det. Youssouf
Rossy de Palma Pauline
Jean Benguigui Saddam
Gérard Darmon Kowalski
Gérard Darmon Kowalski


O Mon Dieu, quelle catastrophe... This film is a new low point for French recent history of blockbusters... The story is about a pair trying to recover a winning lottery ticket. But it's not easy for the winner Moltès-Lanvin getting hold of a lottery ticket when you have to drag a goofy bloke (Francis-Benoit Poelvoorde) with you. I won't go into the (too) many incredible twists but the story unfolds in Paris, Bamako, Sahara desert... While the acting is all right, especially Belgian comic Poelvoorde, the scenario is way too far-fetched to be enjoyable. Gags are pretty un-funny as well, I'm afraid they will be downright stupid translated. The problem with some French productions in 2002 is that they want to copy US blockbusters but unfortunately the worst ones... To summarise don't waste your money on thus turkey. 3/10 for Poelvorde!
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355 x 475
Boulet, Le (2002) - Alain Berberian | Frédéric Forestier