Graduate, The (1967)

This is Benjamin. He's a little worried about his future.

Original Title : Graduate, The
Director : Mike Nichols
Writer : Charles Webb (I)
Calder Willingham
Buck Henry
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Joseph E. Levine , Lawrence Turman
Music : Dave Grusin
Paul Simon (I)
Photography : Robert Surtees
IMDB ID : 0061722
Official site :
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Graduate, The (1967) - Mike Nichols


Anne Bancroft Mrs. Robinson
Dustin Hoffman Benjamin Braddock
Katharine Ross Elaine Robinson
William Daniels I
Murray Hamilton Mr. Robinson
Elizabeth Wilson I
Buck Henry Hotel Desk Clerk
Brian Avery I


Benjamin is home from school, having graduated with honors from college with no idea of what to do with his life. Mrs. Robinson, a close family friend old enough to be his mother, removes her clothes and tells him that she's 'available'. The same evening Mr. Robinson advises Ben to take what opportunities come up, because he'll never be 21 again. As he begins the affair, he finds that it fills his time, but depresses him. Under pressure from his parents and Mr. Robinson, he agrees to take out the daughter, Elaine Robinson. Mrs. Robinson becomes furious and Ben finds himself very attracted to Elaine. Everything explodes and Elaine returns to school. Ben follows her having decided to marry her, though, "She doesn't really like me very much." As he begins to make progress with Elaine, her parents descend and arrange a hasty marriage to another boy. Ben follows again to disrupt the wedding and win Elaine.


Dominant Film That Still Delivers Over 30 Years Late "The Graduate" is one of those trail-blazing films of the late-1960s that continues to get better with age.Dustin Hoffman (Oscar-nominated) stars as the title character, a young man who does not know what he really wants in life.His parents' next-door neighbor (Anne Bancroft, in an Oscar-nominated role) seduces Hoffman and she eventually convinces him to have an affair with her.Hoffman becomes basically a "play-thing" in a loveless relationship and he realizes that what he thought he wanted was not what he really wanted after all.He becomes fixated on Bancroft's daughter instead (Katharine Ross, in her Oscar-nominated part).Bancroft does anything and everything to ruin Hoffman's chances with Ross after he dismisses her.Hoffman becomes so obsessed that he breaks up Ross's wedding to another man.In the end they flee together on a local bus, but at the end the question is: Now what?"The Graduate" is biting satire at its finest.It is a black-comedy, but its focus goes much further than that.Mike Nichols examines sexual relationships and relationships in general.He creates an atmosphere that is so realistic that the audience feels the pain of each of the characters.Dustin Hoffman proved to be a high-class actor here and Anne Bancroft solidified her career even further.This film was the first that really examined sex on the silver-screen and this fact as much as anything makes "The Graduate" one of the more important movies in the history of the cinema.A great achievement.5 stars out of 5.
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Graduate, The (1967) - Mike Nichols
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Graduate, The (1967) - Mike Nichols
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Graduate, The (1967) - Mike Nichols
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Graduate, The (1967) - Mike Nichols