Hypercube: Cube 2 (2002)

There is more to fear than you can see.

Original Title : Hypercube: Cube 2
Director : Andrzej Sekula
Writer : Sean Hood (I)
Sean Hood (I)
Ernie Barbarash
Lauren McLaughlin
Genre : Fantasy
Country : Canada
Language : English
Producer : Ernie Barbarash , Peter Block (III) , Suzanne Colvin , Michael Paseornek
Music : Norman Orenstein
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language, some violence and brief nudity.
IMDB ID : 0285492
Official site :
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Hypercube: Cube 2 (2002) - Andrzej Sekula


Eight strangers find themselves waking up in a strange cube-shaped room with no recollection of how they came to be there. Soon discovering that they're in a strange fourth dimension where our laws of physics don't apply, they have to unravel the secrets of the "hypercube" in order to survive...


Art, but no Soul Hypercube is a piece of Art. We see white background and stylish people crawling around, before and over that background. The love scene is an example of well-crafted choreography. This is nice to watch, but there is no claustrophobia, no sense of danger. Where the characters in CUBE are very aware of the danger from the traps, the characters in Hypercube stumble around without much care, only hysterically crying when they face one of the rather easily avoidable traps. Together with the in comparison to CUBE illogical physics, bad special effects and the rather weak beginning and ending, it leaves a sense of disappointment at the end. Some movies are best left without a sequel, Hypercube is one of the many examples, technically a good work, but nothing of the suspense from CUBE left.
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268 x 475
Hypercube: Cube 2 (2002) - Andrzej Sekula
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400 x 569
Hypercube: Cube 2 (2002) - Andrzej Sekula
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399 x 570
Hypercube: Cube 2 (2002) - Andrzej Sekula