Bullets Over Broadway (1994)

A killer comedy!

Original Title : Bullets Over Broadway
Director : Woody Allen
Writer : Woody Allen
Douglas McGrath (I)
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Letty Aronson , J.E. Beaucaire , Jean Doumanian , Robert Greenhut (I) , Charles H. Joffe , Thomas A. Reilly , Helen Robin , Jack Rollins (II)
Music : Ernie Erdman
Photography : Carlo Di Palma
IMDB ID : 0109348
Official site :
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Bullets Over Broadway (1994) - Woody Allen


John Cusack David Shayne
Jack Warden Julian Marx
Tony Sirico Rocco
Victor Colicchio Waterfront Hood
Louis Eppolito Waterfront Hood (as Lou Eppolito
Gene Canfield Waterfront Hood
Peter Castellotti Waterfront Hood (as Pete Castellotti
Tony Conforti Waterfront Hood


Set in 1920's New York City, this movie tells the story of idealistic young playwright David Shayne. Producer Julian Marx finally finds funding for the project from gangster Nick Valenti. The catch is that Nick's girl friend Olive Neal gets the part of a psychiatrist, and Olive is a bimbo who could never pass for a psychiatrist as well as being a dreadful actress. Agreeing to this first compromise is the first step to Broadway's complete seduction of David, who neglects longtime girl friend Ellen. Meanwhile David puts up with Warner Purcell, the leading man who is a compulsive eater, Helen Sinclair, the grand dame who wants her part jazzed up, and Cheech, Olive's interfering hitman / bodyguard. Eventually, the playwright must decide whether art or life is more important.


How does he manage to do this? Everytime I see a Woody Allen movie I know I am watching a movie he made. No one else makes them like this. He practically is the only person who can claim an unique style, which links his movies in a group apart from the others. And the thing which stuns me more than any other is - how does he manage to make such fresh movies everytime? How does he manage to make his movie again, but at the same time in a totally different way? "Bullets Over Broadway" is no exception, and its story is really original - a play which goes stellar thanks to the oppinion of a apparently cold and brutal mafioso. Of course, this crossing between opposite worlds makes the whole juice of the movie, as hilarious situations rise at every turn, and comedy flows at an unique pace. Fantastic every time you see it, this one can actually make a viewer become a fan of Allen's movies. Kudos to the incredible period detail, and all the actors, although it's really Dianne Wiest who shines the most, deserving every inch of her oscar. But it's better for me to "don't speak"....
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Bullets Over Broadway (1994) - Woody Allen
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Bullets Over Broadway (1994) - Woody Allen
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Bullets Over Broadway (1994) - Woody Allen
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Bullets Over Broadway (1994) - Woody Allen