Léon Morin, Prêtre (1961)

Original Title : Léon Morin, prêtre
Director : Jean-Pierre Melville
Writer : Beatrice Beck
Jean-Pierre Melville
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Carlo Ponti , Georges de Beauregard
Music : Martial Solal
Photography : Henri Decaë
IMDB ID : 0055082
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Léon Morin, Prêtre (1961) - Jean-Pierre Melville


Jean-Paul Belmondo Leon Morin
Emmanuelle Riva Barny
Irène Tunc Christine Sangredin
Nicole Mirel Sabine Levy
Gisèle Grimm Lucienne
Marco Behar Edelman
Monique Bertho Marion
Monique Bertho Marion


A little French town during the Occupation. Barny is a young sexually frustrated widow, living with her little girl France. She is also a communist militant, and one days she enters in a church, randomly choses a priest and starts criticizing the religion. But the priest is a young handsome clever one, Leon Morin. He does not offer her the reaction she was expecting. She is disturbated. She starts frequenting him, impressed by Morin's moral strength.
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659 x 896
Léon Morin, Prêtre (1961) - Jean-Pierre Melville
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256 x 475
Léon Morin, Prêtre (1961) - Jean-Pierre Melville