Tokyo Monogatari (1953)

Original Title : Tokyo monogatari
Director : Yasujiro Ozu
Writer : K˘go Noda
Yasujiro Ozu
Genre : Drama
Country : Japan
Language : Japanese
Producer : Takeshi Yamamoto
Music : Kojun Sait˘
Photography : Yuharu Atsuta
IMDB ID : 0046438
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poster for "Tokyo Monogatari" by Yasujiro Ozu (1953)
Tokyo Monogatari (1953) - Yasujiro Ozu


Chishu Ryu Shukishi Hirayama
Chieko Higashiyama Tomi Hirayama
Setsuko Hara Noriko
Haruko Sugimura Shige Kaneko
S˘ Yamamura Same per
Kuniko Miyake Fumiko
Ky˘ko Kagawa Kyoko
Ky˘ko Kagawa Kyoko


An elderly couple journey to Tokyo to visit their children and are confronted by indifference, ingratitude and selfishness. When the parents are packed off to a resort by their impatient children, the film deepens into an unbearably moving meditation on mortality


Heart rending masterpiece. Tokyo Story has long been one of the films I wanted to see, but never had a chance to see.Having finally seen it(on a slightly flawed videotape,instead of the Laserdisc it deserves )I will unequivocally state that it is one of the masterpieces of the cinema. Iam a Catholic, not a Buddhist, so I disagree with the films implied metaphysic. Having said that, I will go on and say that this is still one of the most moving films ever made. I once wrote, in a review of another film about the aged, Make Way For Tomorrow, that it could make a stone cry..the same is true of this movie. Chiso Ryu delivers one of the greatest screen performances.In fact, everyone in this film is pitch perfect...According to Scorsese, John Ford once said that the most remarkable thing you can photograph is a human face..this film is rich in human faces . As Ive said of a very few films, this is an "eleven"