Sex Lies And Videotape (1989)

Original Title : Sex, Lies, and Videotape
Director : Steven Soderbergh
Writer : Steven Soderbergh
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : John Hardy (III) , Morgan Mason , Robert F. Newmyer , Nancy Tenenbaum , Nick Wechsler (I)
Music : Cliff Martinez
Photography : Walt Lloyd
IMDB ID : 0098724
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Sex Lies And Videotape (1989) - Steven Soderbergh


┬James Spader Graham
┬Andie MacDowell Ann
┬Peter Gallagher John
┬Laura San Giacomo Cynthia
┬Ron Vawter Therapist
┬Steven Brill I
┬Alexandra Root Girl on Tape
┬Alexandra Root Girl on Tape


Ann is married to John, who is having an affair with her sister Cynthia. Ann's a quiet type and unwilling to let herself go. When John's old friend, Graham, shows up, all their lives change. Graham likes to videotape interviews with women.


Why it's raining My take on the 'it is raining' line was that Graham had been purged of his obsessive need to tell the truth to the extent that he felt comfortable enough with himself to tell a deliberate lie that it was raining when in fact it wasn't and smiled as if to say: "Hey, I love you and I don't take myself too seriously." Then I read that the director had no ending and the actors made something up off the cuff and their was no deep meaning to the words. Rats, and I thought I was being so sharp. Can't make up my mind about this film. Sometimes I find some of it naff, like the scene where the yuppy starts waving his arms around at his wife for making a tape. To be fair, Gallagher's was the most difficult performance to pull off and he succeeded for the most part. Other times I think it's an unusual and even european film, if that doesn't sound too smug and elitist. It's a shame Sodeibergh didn't go on to make similiar haunting and unusual works, wasting his talents on nonsense like that Lopez film, one of the worst I've ever seen. Come to think of it, would does happen to all that garbage?
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Sex Lies And Videotape (1989) - Steven Soderbergh
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Sex Lies And Videotape (1989) - Steven Soderbergh
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Sex Lies And Videotape (1989) - Steven Soderbergh