Abre Los Ojos (1997)

Original Title : Abre los ojos
Director : Alejandro Amenábar
Writer : Alejandro Amenábar
Mateo Gil
Genre : Drama
Country : Spain
Language : Spanish
Producer : Ana Amigo , Fernando Bovaira , José Luis Cuerda , Andrea Occhipinti , Alain Sarde
Music : Alejandro Amenábar
Mariano Marín (II)
Photography : Hans Burman
MPAA Rating : Rated R for some strong sexuality, language and some violence.
IMDB ID : 0125659
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Abre Los Ojos (1997) - Alejandro Amenábar


Eduardo Noriega II
Penélope Cruz Sofía
Chete Lera Antonio
Fele Martínez Pelayo
Najwa Nimri Nuria
Gérard Barray Duvernois (señor TV
Jorge de Juan Encargado L.E.
Jorge de Juan Encargado L.E.


An imprisoned man who hides his face behind a mask is telling his story, as a flashback, to a psychiatrist: His name is César, he is an orphan but he had inherited a fortune from his parents and used to live in a luxurious house of his his own. He was also very handsome and a renowned womanizer. His best friend, Pelayo, was jealous of him, because he was not very successful with girls. But one night, Pelayo showed up in one of César's parties with a beautiful woman named Sofía. When César met her and talked to her for a while, he began to feel something he had never felt before: he was falling in love. And, although she was supposed to be Pelayo's girlfriend, he tried to conquer her, spending that night at her home. But Nuria, with whom César had his last affair, was very jealous, he went to pick him up in her car the next morning, and commited suicide by ramming it into a tree. César survived the crash, but his face was hideously disfigured, his beauty gone. The doctors said they couldn't help him. He was very depressed, and still in love with Sofía. One night he went out with her and Pelayo, and he felt that they were very uncomfortable with him. But the morning after, his luck seemed to change completely: Sofía came to him, saying that it was him who she really loved, and the doctors called him and told him that, with a revolutionary new technique, they could rebuild his face, which they did. César was happier than ever, but that's when the really strange and scary things started to happen, and César found out that the real nightmare had only just began for him...


The new brains of fantasy film. Alejandro Amenabar is the new brains of the fantasy film,and maybe of the European cinema.Take the snuff movie topic :he did much better than Shumacher's "8 mm".No he takes a hackneyed subject which has been treated many times and surprises the audience. Combining Georges Franju 's "les yeux sans visage" (1960)-for the strange poetry which emanates from the mask the hero(heroine in the French movie) wears-,Adrian Lyne's "Jacob's ladder" and what will be LATER developedin "matrix" or "the sixth sense" ,Amenabar creates a disturbing,absorbing and mesmerizing movie.He succeeds in surprising the audience the way only Alfred Hitchcock could do before:the movie begins as some kind of two-bit comedy,with such futile subjects as trying and picking someone up and parties,then slowly but inexorably grips the audience's mind ,and the interest won't weaken till the very end.Like in "psycho" or "Rosemary's baby" or "Jacob's ladder" ,nothing should be revealed. For the French,there's another surprise:Serge Duvernois is played by Gérard Barray.This actor was very famous in the sixties for playing in cloak and dagger movies the likes of "Pardaillan" "Surcouf" and "les trois mousquetaires".He was some kind of Jean Marais's alter ego.Then he completely disappeared from the screens in the late sixties(he probably became a stage actor).So I had not seen himfor thirty years or more!Seeing him in such a spooky part adds to the eerie atmosphere.I wish the French directors could think of him a little more now.
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Abre Los Ojos (1997) - Alejandro Amenábar
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Abre Los Ojos (1997) - Alejandro Amenábar
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Abre Los Ojos (1997) - Alejandro Amenábar