Fast Food, Fast Women (2000)

There are 18 million people in New York City, but only one like Bella.

Original Title : Fast Food Fast Women
Director : Amos Kollek
Writer : Amos Kollek
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Sherry Greenberg , Avram Ludwig , Hengameh Panahi
Music : David Carbonara
Photography : Jean-Marc Fabre
MPAA Rating : Rated R for sexuality/nudity and language.
IMDB ID : 0206742
Official site :
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Fast Food, Fast Women (2000) - Amos Kollek


Anna Levine I
Jamie Harris Bruno
Louise Lasser Emily
Robert Modica Paul
Lonette McKee Sherry-Lynn
Victor Argo Seymour
Angelica Torn Vitka
Austin Pendleton George


How important is the truth when falling in love? Bella is a Manhattan café waitress, about to turn 35, stuck in a long-term affair going nowhere. Paul is a widower, facing old age alone. Bella's mother sets her up with Bruno, a novelist/cabbie who likes to bed-hop and whose ex-wife expects their two children to stay with him for awhile. While Bruno learns some maturity from his young daughter, Paul answers a personals ad placed by a "widow, 60." The two couples - along with one of Paul's older pals and a Jungian stripper - sort out how to initiate a relationship these days, what to do when someone you like disappoints you, and when to tell the truth.


Another grain of sand on that great beach called cinema "Fast Food, Fast Women" has little to do with either. A somewhat inept, light-hearted slice-of-life indie, this flick revolves around a single 30-something woman, Bella (Anna whatever-her-name-is), who waitresses in a NYC diner, and her assorted friends/acquaintenances with loneliness and the need for relationships being the central theme. A very forgettable flick, "FF,FW" is not without its moments and manages some poignancy, quirkiness, and heart. However, in the grand scheme of all things cinema, this is just another marginally entertaining film with a bunch of where-have-I-seen-him/her-before character actors which will never be more than a so-so small screen watch. (C)
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335 x 475
Fast Food, Fast Women (2000) - Amos Kollek