Mystery Train (1989)

Original Title : Mystery Train
Director : Jim Jarmusch
Writer : Jim Jarmusch
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Kunijiro Hirata , Demetra J. MacBride , Rudd Simmons , Jim Stark , Hideaki Suda
Music : John Lurie
Photography : Robby M├╝ller
IMDB ID : 0097940
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Mystery Train (1989) - Jim Jarmusch


┬Masatoshi Nagase Jun
┬Youki Kudoh Mitsuko
┬Screamin' Jay Hawkins Night Clerk
┬Cinqu├ę Lee Bellboy
┬Rufus Thomas I
┬Jodie Markell Sun Studio Guide
┬William Hoch Tourist Family
┬William Hoch Tourist Family


A Japanese couple with an obsession with 50's America go to Memphis because the boyfriend's life is Carl Perkins. Chance encounters interweave and/or link three different stories in the city, the common thread being the seedy hotel where they all are staying.


a compelling trio Director, Jim Jarmush showed great form with this movie, but has done little of note since. This simple trio of stories set in a seedy Memphis hotel are linked by a single event and each one is introduced by the hotel concierge and bellboy. The acute realism of this film is its most notable achievement. The Japanese rock 'n' roll fans touring sites of rock history, the wealthy Italian lady forced to spend the night with a lush, and the three hapless crooks are so believable it is almost necessary for the interjections of the larger-than-life concierge played by Screaming Jay Hawkins. The film is compelling without ever becoming over complicated orwildly action packed.
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Mystery Train (1989) - Jim Jarmusch