Killer's Kiss (1955)

Her Soft Mouth Was the Road to Sin-Smeared Violence!

Original Title : Killer's Kiss
Director : Stanley Kubrick
Writer : Stanley Kubrick
Howard Sackler
Genre : Film-Noir
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Morris Bousel , Stanley Kubrick
Music : Gerald Fried
Photography : Stanley Kubrick
Distributor : Cinemagia [br]
IMDB ID : 0048254
Official site :
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Killer's Kiss (1955) - Stanley Kubrick


Frank Silvera Vincent Rapallo
Jamie Smith Davy Gordon
Jamie Smith Davy Gordon


Prize-fighter Davy Gordon intervenes when private dancer Gloria Price is being attacked by her employer and lover Vincent Raphello. This brings the two together and they get involved with each other, which displeases Raphello much. So much even that he sends men out to kill Davy, but by mistake not Davy, but his friend gets murdered. Trying to escape Raphello forever, Davy and Gloria decide to leave town.


Lady from Manhattan Spoilers herein. There's nothing like this stuff. If you ever thought Kubrick was a genius, you should consider that such an eye is not learned, and one would expect to see it in the young man. Here's where he is taking chances. He produced, wrote, directed, photographed, and edited this effort. Here you see some real energetic expression of more controlled notions you see later on: -- time and space symmetries, lots of them -- lots of narrative in inanimate objects from the environment -- dancing/boxing: life as a test performance, with the space between being dead time -- narrative folding -- a mimimalist, deceptively symbol-laden story that all but ignores the actors -- a consistent `eye,' often from waist level when the lovers are togethe -- stylized voice-ove All this is fascinating enough. But an extra treat is to see this next to Welles' near masterpiece `Lady from Shanghai' of "48. Check out showdown in the manikin warehouse compared the manikin part of `Lady's'funhouse at the identical part of the story, with the same loser-woman dynamic. Irene Kane has real presence despite her relatively poor acting. Kubrick married her ballerina `sister.' Wonder what happened to her?
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Killer's Kiss (1955) - Stanley Kubrick
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Killer's Kiss (1955) - Stanley Kubrick
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Killer's Kiss (1955) - Stanley Kubrick
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Killer's Kiss (1955) - Stanley Kubrick