Histoire d'Adèle H., L' (1975)

Original Title : Histoire d'Adèle H., L'
Director : François Truffaut
Writer : Jan Dawson
Jean Gruault
Frances Vernor Guille
Adèle Hugo
Suzanne Schiffman
François Truffaut
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : English
Producer : Marcel Berbert , Claude Miller
Music : Maurice Jaubert
Photography : Néstor Almendros
IMDB ID : 0073114
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poster for "Histoire d'Adèle H., L'" by François Truffaut (1975)
Histoire d'Adèle H., L' (1975) - François Truffaut


Isabelle Adjani Adèle Hugo
Bruce Robinson I
Sylvia Marriott Mrs. Saunders
Joseph Blatchley The Bookseller
Ivry Gitlis Hypnotist
Louise Bourdet Victor Hugo's servant
Cecil De Sausmarez Mr. Lenoir
Ruben Dorey Mr. Saunders


Halifax, 1863. A young woman, miss Lewly, comes to Halifax to search for Lt Pinson, whom she is madly in love with. Actually, she is Adele Hugo, the second daughter of the great French poet. The Lt Pinson does not answer to her love and made her understand it is hopeless. But Adele is obsessed by him and keeps chasing and harassing him. This film about passionnate and obesseive love, and self-destruction, has been written from real Adele Hugo's diary.


A story of obsessive love Isabelle Adjani plays the title role, that of Adele Hugo, daughter of the great French writer, a woman obsessively in love with an English army lieutenant who doesn't want her.The scene is Halifax, Nova Scotia, during the time of the American Civil War.She has followed Lt. Pinson (Bruce Robinson) from her home in exile on the island of Guernsey to be with him even though he has rejected her.Adjani's sensuous beauty and her intense and passionate nature command the screen and we are drawn to identify with her as she spirals toward madness as her abject pleas of love are unrequited.We watch as she debases herself in every way possible in a desperate attempt to gain Pinson's love, even to the point of giving him to other women.She is psychologically pleased with this because she thinks it shows that her love for him transcends sexuality.Of course the nature of obsessive love is always entirely selfish.If you really love someone who doesn't want you, you have to let them go.But of course she cannot. Francois Truffaut directed and did a fine job of getting the most out of his young star.The maddening nature of obsession is well depicted and the story is focused and unfolds at a deliberate pace.Noteworthy is the setting itself, a cold and remote clime so that Adele is in isolation from her home, family and friends with little to do or think about every day except her obsession.It is easy to see how something like this can lead to complete madness. Memorable is a little story within the larger tale, that of the fraudulent hypnotist whom Adele thinks might be able to turn Pinson's indifference into love.
poster for "Histoire d'Adèle H., L'"
Histoire d'Adèle H., L' (1975) - François Truffaut