Pola X (1999)

Original Title : Pola X
Director : Leos Carax
Writer : Leos Carax
Jean-Pol Fargeau
Herman Melville
Herman Melville
Lauren Sedofsky
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : English
Producer : Karl Baumgartner (III) , Dschingis Bowakow , Raimond Goebel , Kenzô Horikoshi , Albert Prévost , Bruno Pésery , Ruth Waldburger
Music : Scott Walker (II)
Photography : Eric Gautier
IMDB ID : 0152015
Official site :
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Pola X (1999) - Leos Carax


Guillaume Depardieu Pierre
Yekaterina Golubeva Isabelle
Catherine Deneuve Marie
Delphine Chuillot Lucie
Laurent Lucas Thibault
Patachou Margherite
Petruta Catana Razerka
Petruta Catana Razerka


Pierre, a young man of privilege, whose anonymously-published novel is a hit and who's about to marry his blond cousin, Lucie, abandons all when a dark-haired vagrant tells him her secret late one night in the woods: that she is Isabelle, his sister, abandoned by their father. Pierre breaks off with Lucie and his doting mother, heading for Paris with Isabelle, intent on knowing the dark side of human nature. He begins a novel, sending chapters under a pseudonym to his publisher, his relationship with Isabelle moves beyond the fraternal, and, in winter, the frail Lucie comes to live with them. Family jealousies mount, and Pierre may have discovered despair instead of the truth.


excruciatingly boring, pretentious, a scam It's difficult to express how bad this movie is.Even in the 1950s when intellectual searching for the meaning of life was fashionable and beatnik rejection of physical comforts, clean clothes, haircuts, etc. was a common reaction to the smug middle-class mores of both the USA and western Europe, this movie would have been a stinker.The plot is a mishmash of several dei ex machina (if that's the correct Latin grammar), the acting consists of deadpan stares broken by occasional hysterics (by the male lead as well as the females), the gratuitous view of Catherine Deneuve's (or somebody's) breasts are worthy of a Budweiser commercial, the repeated cacaphonous orchestra rehearsal in the abandoned building is I'm sure heavy with meaning in the director's mind but to me is just one more stupid symbol thrown into this meaningless movie -- I'm ranting because my time has been wasted watching this scam excuse for an art flic.The scenery is beautiful and the sex scene is hot -- but underneath his clothes, this king has no substance.
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Pola X (1999) - Leos Carax
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Pola X (1999) - Leos Carax
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Pola X (1999) - Leos Carax