Nanook Of The North (1922)

A story of life and love in the actual Arctic.

Original Title : Nanook of the North
Director : Robert J. Flaherty
Writer : Robert J. Flaherty
Genre : Documentary
Country : USA
Language : Silent
Producer : Robert J. Flaherty
Music : Stanley Silverman
Photography : Robert J. Flaherty
IMDB ID : 0013427
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poster for "Nanook Of The North" by Robert J. Flaherty (1922)
Nanook Of The North (1922) - Robert J. Flaherty


Nanook Himself
Nyla Herself (Nanook's wife, the smiling one
Cunayou Herself (Nanook's wife
Allegoo Himself (Nanook's son
Berry Kroeger Narrator (1939 re-release


Documents one year in the life of Nanook, an Eskimo (Inuit) and his family. Describes the trading, hunting, fishing and migrations of a group barely touched by industrial technology. Nanook of the North was widely shown and praised as the first full-length, anthropological documentary in cinematographic history.


spooky ending The ending of this flick has a weird, existentialist feeling to it. Anyone else get a weird vibe from the ending? The wind is blowing snow around the igloo. Everyone is safe inside the igloo, except the dog, which is curled up outside. The wind howls and the snow blows in dim half-light....