Sous Le Soleil De Satan (1987)

Original Title : Sous le soleil de Satan
Director : Maurice Pialat
Writer : Georges Bernanos
Sylvie Danton
Maurice Pialat
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Claude Abeille , Daniel Toscan du Plantier
Music : Henri Dutilleux
Photography : Willy Kurant
IMDB ID : 0094011
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poster for "Sous Le Soleil De Satan" by Maurice Pialat (1987)
Sous Le Soleil De Satan (1987) - Maurice Pialat


Gérard Depardieu Donissan
Sandrine Bonnaire Mouchette
Maurice Pialat Menou-Segrais
Alain Artur Cadignan
Yann Dedet Gallet
Brigitte Legendre Mouchette's Mother
Jean-Claude Bourlat Malorthy
Jean-Claude Bourlat Malorthy


Dossignan is a very zealous rural priest. The dean Menou-Segrais tries to keep him reasonable. But Dossignan will be tempted by Satan, then will try to save the soul of Mouchette, a young girl who killed one of her lovers. A film about God's grace and mysticism.


Very difficult film 5/10 Smart, challenging, ultimately unsuccessful film that wowed viewers at Cannes.The film has exquisite acting and some brilliant scenes, but it's too convoluted to make any kind of impact on the viewer.Gerard Depardieu shines in his difficult role as does Sandrine Bonnaire. The best scene in the film is when Depardieu comes across Satan -- chilling.