Singe en hiver, Un (1962)

Original Title : Un singe en hiver
Director : Henri Verneuil
Writer : Michel Audiard
Antoine Blondin
Fran├žois Boyer
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Jacques Bar
Music : Michel Magne
Photography : Louis Page
IMDB ID : 0056636
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Singe en hiver, Un (1962) - Henri Verneuil


┬Jean Gabin Albert Quentin
┬Jean-Paul Belmondo Gabriel Fouquet
┬Suzanne Flon Suzanne Quentin
┬Gabrielle Dorziat Victoria
┬Hella Petri Georgina
┬Marcelle Arnold Nurse
┬Charles Bouillaud Chauffeur
┬Anne-Marie Coffinet Simone


A very very fine movie I have read a recent interview with Belmondo, saying that the veteran Jean Gabin hate all that new wave french cinema when he was asked to do this movie with young Belmondo, who was, at that time, an actor who was working with the New Wave directors (Godard, Chabrol, Truffaut). But a solid friendship was born when the two men work together on that movie. In fact, the respect and this friendship seems to be very easy to see when we look at this charming movie. It's full of a sense of poetry.It's a movie about friendship, dreams, nostalgia, sadness between two men from different generations. It's also a movie about alcool, in a sense that the beatniks of that era refers to. It's also very well written.Gabin and Belmondo gives a very warm performance.You must see this wonderful movie.
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Singe en hiver, Un (1962) - Henri Verneuil
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Singe en hiver, Un (1962) - Henri Verneuil