Faute à Voltaire, La (2000)

Original Title : Faute à Voltaire, La
Director : Abdel Kechiche
Writer : Abdel Kechiche
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Jean-François Lepetit , Jean-François Lepetit
Photography : Dominique Brenguier
Marie Spencer
IMDB ID : 0239388
Official site :
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Faute à Voltaire, La (2000) - Abdel Kechiche


Sami Bouajila Jallel
Élodie Bouchez Lucie
Bruno Lochet Franck
Aure Atika Nassera
Virginie Darmon Leila
Olivier Loustau Antonio
Franois Genty Paul
Franois Genty Paul


More confused than impressive Really, this wasn´t very impressive at all. The last few years, french filmmakers have produced one socially conscious movie after another , in many different styles but many extremely good films. La Faute à Voltaire, on the other hand, never pays off. The director seems to be confused about what story he wants to tell, and ends up saying nothing at all. Take a look at Nos vies heureuses or the brilliant Resources humaines instead.
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Faute à Voltaire, La (2000) - Abdel Kechiche