Air de Paris, L' (1954)

Original Title : Air de Paris, L'
Director : Marcel Carné
Writer : Marcel Carné
Jacques Sigurd
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Robert Dorfmann (I)
Music : Francis Lemarque
Maurice Thiriet
Photography : Roger Hubert (I)
IMDB ID : 0046690
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Air de Paris, L' (1954) - Marcel Carné


Jean Gabin Victor Le Garrec
Arletty Blanche Le Garrec
Roland Lesaffre André Ménard
Marie Daëms Corinne
Maria-Pia Casilio Jean-Marc
Maria-Pia Casilio Jean-Marc


A curiosity, well worth seeing This was the last movie that Jean Gabin and Arletty made together for Carné, the absence of Jacques Prévert as screenwriter (as he was on Le Jour Se lève) shows, the plot is rather confused and indecisive. Nevertheless, the photography on location in 1950s Paris is beautiful, many shots look like Brassai photographs, and the climactic scene in the seedy local boxing-ring has some of the same atmosphere as the great scenes in the popular theatre in Carné's masterpiece, "Les Enfants du Paradis". Arletty, by then over 50, is experimenting with playing a less glamorous, rather frumpy part, but she is still fascinating to watch. The thrill is in the ambiguous relationship between gabin, as the ageing boxing coach, and his blond, sometimes hysterical protege. There is an extraordinary scene in which he goes to get him back, when the boy has run away and is living in a run-down Algerian hostel. It isn't a great film, on the level of Hotel du nord or Les Portes de La Nuit, but it is well worth seeing for anyone curious about the French cinema in the period between the Occupation and the beginning of the Nouivelle vague. It is available on video in France.
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580 x 720
Air de Paris, L' (1954) - Marcel Carné