Buffet Froid (1979)

Original Title : Buffet froid
Director : Bertrand Blier
Writer : Bertrand Blier
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Alain Sarde
Music : Philippe Sarde
Photography : Jean Penzer
IMDB ID : 0078913
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Buffet Froid (1979) - Bertrand Blier


┬G├ęrard Depardieu Alphonse Tram
┬Bernard Blier Inspecteur Morvandieu/Inspector Morvandieu
┬Jean Carmet L'assassin/The murderer
┬Denise Gence L'h├┤tesse/The hostess
┬Marco Perrin Le ma├žon/The man in undershirt
┬Jean Benguigui L'homme en noir/The hired killer
┬Carole Bouquet Le jeune femme/The young woman at the end
┬Carole Bouquet Le jeune femme/The young woman at the end


Black comedy about solitude and dishumanization of the modern world, through the adventures of three men. First introduced is Alphonse Tram, an unemployed young man. His only neighbour is the police chief-inspector Morvandieu. Then a third man appears : he is Alphonse's wife's murderer... Bizarre and unreal.


top dark This is one of my favorite black comedies, on a level with Strangelove, After Hours, The Loved One, Little Murders and Cul de Sac.A kind of Three Stooges meets Samuel Beckett, it successfully traverses farce, slapstick, absurdism, and intellectual existential psychodrama.The stooges are hilarious, particularly Bernard Blier, the great French character actor (and father of director,) while the women are all in danger but really in control of this careening nightmare.The shift 3/4ths of the way through from the surreal city nightscape into the sunny countryside is brilliant and leads to a perfect ending...
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Buffet Froid (1979) - Bertrand Blier