Armée des Ombres, L' (1969)

Original Title : Armée des ombres, L'
Director : Jean-Pierre Melville
Writer : Joseph Kessel
Jean-Pierre Melville
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Jacques Dorfmann
Music : Éric Demarsan
Photography : Pierre Lhomme
Walter Wottitz
IMDB ID : 0064040
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Armée des Ombres, L' (1969) - Jean-Pierre Melville


Lino Ventura Philippe Gerbier
Paul Meurisse Luc Jardie
Jean-Pierre Cassel Jean François Jardie
Simone Signoret Mathilde
Claude Mann Claude Le Masque
Paul Crauchet Felix
Christian Barbier I
Christian Barbier I


France, 1942, during the occupation. Philippe Gerbier, a civil engineer, is one of the French Resistance's chiefs. Given away by a traitor, he is interned in a camp. He manages to escape, and joins his network at Marseilles, where he makes the traitor be executed... This non-spectacular movie (do not expect any Rambo or Robin Hood) shows us rigorously and austerely the everyday of the French Resistants : their solitude, their fears, their relationships, the arrests, the forwarding of orders and their carrying out... Both writer Joseph Kessel and co-writer and director Jean-Pierre Melville belonged to this "Army in the Shadows".


The great Melville strikes again No false heroic's in this ultra realistic portrail of anti-Nazi men and women during the occupation of France.Melville's actorshave obviously been cast for being very ordinary and each performance from Ventura's lead to Reggianis almost cameo as a Barber add to the almost doco like feel.A magnificent film from the truly underrated master and one of cinemas true perfectionists.
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Armée des Ombres, L' (1969) - Jean-Pierre Melville