Emmanuelle (1974)

X was never like this.

Original Title : Emmanuelle
Director : Just Jaeckin
Writer : Emmanuelle Arsan
Jean-Louis Richard
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Yves Rousset-Rouard
Music : Pierre Bachelet (I)
Francis Lai
Photography : Richard Suzuki
IMDB ID : 0071464
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Emmanuelle (1974) - Just Jaeckin


Sylvia Kristel Emmanuelle
Alain Cuny Mario
Marika Green Bee
Daniel Sarky Jean
Jeanne Colletin Ariane
Christine Boisson Marie-Ange rest of cast listed alphabetically Gaby Briand
Samantha II


Emmanuelle is a beautiful young model and lives in Bankok together with her husband Jean, who's several years older. She likes him because he's taught her much, and he likes her because she's learning so well - and wants to often. Both are very tolerant in matters of extramarital affairs, so he doesn't mind the young Marie-Ange coming over erver so often, although she obviously wants more than talk from his wife. But Emmanuelle is more fascinated by the older Bee, and joins her on a trip into the jungle.


Best X movie of all time Yes Emmanuelle is an x rated movie, yes the story and plot development was razor thin, but compared to all other x rated movies it is a big winner, plus Emmanuelle is erotic as hell in parts. Take it for what it is a great x movie.
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Emmanuelle (1974) - Just Jaeckin
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Emmanuelle (1974) - Just Jaeckin
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Emmanuelle (1974) - Just Jaeckin
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Emmanuelle (1974) - Just Jaeckin