Femme infidèle, La (1969)

Original Title : Femme infidèle, La
Director : Claude Chabrol
Writer : Claude Chabrol
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : André Génovès
Music : Pierre Jansen
Photography : Jean Rabier
IMDB ID : 0064323
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Femme infidèle, La (1969) - Claude Chabrol


Stéphane Audran Hélène Desvallées
Michel Bouquet Charles Desvallees
Michel Duchaussoy Police Officer Duval
Maurice Ronet Victor Pegala
Louise Chevalier Maid
Louise Rioton Mother-in Law
Serge Bento Bignon
Henri Marteau Paul


Charles Desvallées has good reasons to believe that his wife is cheating on him and hires a P.D. in order to prove himself right. Once he knows the lover is writer Victor Pégala, he drives to his apartment, calmly presents himself as the husband, starts a conversation and then kills him cold-bloodedly. The police trace the wife but when she discovers by accident a picture that could incriminate her husband she decides to remain silent.


Chabrol's brilliant first attempt at a 'Madame Bovary'. 'The Unfaithful Wife' is really about a faithful husband, who will kill to save his marriage.This kind of fidelity is a chilling exercise of power - the film's many point-of-view shots are mostly his - with adultery a rebellion, a bid for freedom that must be crushed.It's not enough that Charles uncovers his wife's lover, he must sit on the bed they make love on, drink the same drink... Chabrol's most perfect film, where character inertia is expressed in blatant artifice, both in the home and in 'nature', where a materialist filming of materialists conceals an austere spirituality, embodied in those Fateful policemen.Like his namesake Bovary, Charles sleeps when his exquisitely beautiful wife offers herself to him.He deserves what he gets.
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Femme infidèle, La (1969) - Claude Chabrol
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Femme infidèle, La (1969) - Claude Chabrol